How to Build a Magnificent Kingdom – How to Enable R18+ Content (Uncensor Patch)

This is a quick tutorial on how to unlock 18+ content in the How to Build a Magnificent Kingdom game. It’s easy, believe me.

The once-prosperous Avon Kingdom has seen a sad catastrophe, a massacre known only as the Calamity King affair. King Regnault, the once-benevolent regent, lost control and began murdering every one of his people who wasn’t able to leave the nation in time.

Now, the nation is in ruins, its finances empty, and its population down to a dismal four people: you, a simple knight trainee, Knight Commander Grey, Princess Ariadne, who has recently recovered from a serious illness, and her maid Luluka. When Ariadne wakes up, she is horrified to see the entire country in ruins, and she doesn’t believe for a minute that the Regnault she knew and loved could have committed such horrors while she was ill and bedridden. She wants to restore her beloved kingdom to its former splendor and clear her father’s name in the process, which means she needs all of her strength and bravery to make her first decision as the new queen of Avon.

It won’t be simple, far from it, but with a little old-fashioned plundering and a state-run brothel to get you going, your cautiously optimistic people will soon embrace the nation and your cause. You certainly hope they will, though.

Download the Uncensored Patch

It’s a free patch! You can download the official patch of How to Build a Magnificent Kingdom by this links:

How to Install the Uncensored Patch

  • Click “Next.” After reading the agreement and accepting the terms, click “I Agree.” And then click “Next” again.
  • The patcher is automatically configured to install the required files into the default Steam directory for the game you are installing. If your installation of the game is located outside of Steam’s default directory, please use the “Change” button to locate the game’s installation folder.
  • Click “Next” 2 more times. After the patch is finished installing, your game should now be patched.

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