Midnight Fight Express – All Goblin Statue Locations (The Slums)

Where to find those pesky little bastards on The Slums.

Where to Find All Goblin Statues on The Slums

Statue 1

The first statue is visible as soon as you spawn.

Statue 2

The second statue can be found hiding in the arena you face your first lot of enemies.

Statue 3

The next statue is lurking in the top left of where you face your first bombers of the level. He is hard to see and can even be hidden depending on where you stand.

Using photomode -if you remember it being in the game (Up D-pad on controller)- can make him easier to see. Note that their blink also pauses, so if it isn’t highlighted, it may be hard to notice.

Statue 4

The forth statue can be seen right after you jump up from the area with Statue 3. You can move down over the barrels and pick it right up, without needing to fight the enemies up top first.

Statue 5

The 5th statue is lurking behind a dumpster. Right after you jump across the alleyway and kick the cutscene bomber, you can see it.

Statue 6

This statue is the sneakiest. Literally impossible to see without photomode, this one will give you the most frustration.

You can find it in the bottom right corner, by the passing train found directly after Statue 5 and before fighting your next batch of enemies.

Statue 7

Just like the statue before it, this one is also hidden out of sight. Found by the stairs before you jump up to the zipline.

Statue 8

The last statue is found right after the zipline. Kill all enemies in the room then collect it in the top left.

Make sure you grab it before moving on, as entering the boss room will shut the door and deny you returning to this room.

Written by Sly Lil' Foxo

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