How To Date A Magical Girl – Gift-Giving Guide

A straightforward guide on which girls like which gifts.

Guide to Gifts


Gift-giving is one of the few ways to get affection in this VN without passing time, so you should do it whenever possible. Late-game, if you’ve been doing everything right, money will be easier to come by. For this reason, you might want to eventually use gifts that give more affection even if the price tag is too high for the point value.

Most girls have

  • 1 Disliked Food Item (0 points)
  • 3-4 Liked Food Items (2 points)
  • 1 Favorite Food Item (4 points)
  • 1 Arcade Item (5 points)
  • 3 Dept. Store Items (3, 7, and 10 points)
  • 1 Special Item (Not gifted directly, used for 100% affection event)

Usually all other gifts give 1 point, as do any repeat non-disliked food gifts. For this reason, you should exclusively buy lollipops once all other gifts have been exhausted.

At some point in the story you will gain an Apartment Key. Giving this to a girl has no other effect than raising her affection by 10, so you can safely give it to whoever you need to.

Note: There’s a bug with giving Kaori wine as of writing. No matter how many times you give it to her, it will always count as a new gift and give the full 2 points. However, giving it to her will mark Hikaru as having received wine (even if you’ve never given it to Hikaru before), so you may want to give it to Hikaru before Kaori.

Regular Gifts

This contains all the gifts you can give directly to girls.


  • Disliked Food: Sushi
  • Liked Foods: Pizza, Yosenabe, Wine
  • Favorite Food: Taiyaki
  • Arcade Gift: Toy Wand
  • Dept. Store Gift (3 points): Warm Gloves
  • Dept. Store Gift (7 points): Magical Girl Figure
  • Dept. Store Gift (10 points): Cosplay Outfit


  • Disliked Food: Onigiri
  • Liked Foods: Pizza, Sushi, Yosenabe, Wine
  • Favorite Food: Coffee
  • Arcade Gift: Scary Statue
  • Dept. Store Gift (3 points): Ancient Tome
  • Dept. Store Gift (7 points): Mysterious Orb
  • Dept. Store Gift (10 points): Magic Scroll


  • Disliked Food: Sweet Potato
  • Liked Foods: Pizza, Sushi, Yosenabe,
  • Favorite Food: Wine
  • Arcade Gift: Calligraphy Set
  • Dept. Store Gift (3 points): Delicate Flower
  • Dept. Store Gift (7 points): Elegant Heels
  • Dept. Store Gift (10 points): Lovely Hairpin


  • Disliked Food: Green Tea
  • Liked Foods: Pizza, Sushi, Yosenabe, Wine
  • Favorite Food: Croissant
  • Arcade Gift: Silky Gloves
  • Dept. Store Gift (3 points): Pretty Shoes
  • Dept. Store Gift (7 points): Lovely Dress
  • Dept. Store Gift (10 points): Shiny Ring


  • Disliked Food: Cotton Candy
  • Liked Foods: Pizza, Sushi, Wine
  • Favorite Food: Yosenabe
  • Arcade Gift: Oni Mask
  • Dept. Store Gift (3 points): Lucky Clover
  • Dept. Store Gift (7 points): Amulet
  • Dept. Store Gift (10 points): Air Rifle

(Minor Spoilers) Special Gifts

Just a quick guide on the requirements for each gift, in case you want to prepare. These will be used when you ask a girl to spend time with you for her 100% affection event.

Hikari: Shooting Star

After accepting a confession, go to the park with a magic score of A. You’ll get this automatically.

Yui: Potion of Destiny

You will receive the recipe from this potion if you accepted Yui’s confession. You’ll need:

  • 3 Skyfruit Seeds
  • 3 Mandrakes
  • 3 Purple Mushrooms
  • 1 Devil’s Love

To acquire the Devil’s Love, go to the forest after accepting a confession with an alchemy score of A (you don’t need to actually scavenge, it will pop up automatically).

Miyu: Exam Pin

To do this you’ll need to ace your December exams. Each right answer gives you a point, as does each skill of score B or higher. You’ll need six or more points to get the pin.

Answers: Sigils, Miyu, 17ml (any option)

Kaori: Expensive Bracelet

After accepting a confession, buy this at the Department Store for ¥99,980.

Rei: Rei-Bans

After accepting a confession, go to the arcade with a perception score of A. You’ll get this automatically.

Note that while most of the special gifts are obtainable on any route, the only time they can be used is when you’re on the correct girl’s route.

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