HunieCam Studio – Ultimate Girl Guide

Looking for your waifu? Best girl? Or anything in between? This guide will discuss all 18 girls as well as their starting traits and unlockable cosmetics. Disappoint your parents like never before!

Definitive Guide to Girls


“Kyanna is a fitness buff who’s looking for a fun way to provide for her family that ideally makes a lot more money than hairdressing.”

  • Age: 24
  • Race: Latina
  • Weight: 122 lbs
  • Cup size: C
  • Traits: Latina, Thick Ass


  • Atletico – a high pony tail
  • Chica – long straight hair, topped off with wispy bangs and a white headband
  • Navito – pigtails with gold hair ties
  • Belleza – wavy, long hair over one shoulder
  • Modelo – shoulder length wispy look


  • Pacific Rider – blue, striped tank top
  • Checkmate – classic checked shirt, somewhat school girl-esque
  • Gym Clothes – loose black tank with white bra poking through
  • Oye Mamacita – tight black dress with golden bangles
  • Emerald Coast – green sports bra


“Zoey is an insufferable millennial who tries a little too hard to be unique. She sexually identifies as a cybernetic android”

  • Age: 21
  • Race: Black
  • Weight: 106 lbs
  • Cup size: A
  • Traits: Ebony, Flat Chest


  • Colbalt – blue high pigtails with white clips, feathers and googles
  • Orchid – purple mohawk
  • Solaris – short, blonde blunt cut
  • Champange – long pink hair with bangs
  • Mantis – short, green blunt cut


  • Citrus Acid – multicolored rave outfit
  • Sacrilege – Halloween style priest outfit
  • Tigress – tiger print bodycon
  • Diabetes – eccentric candy dress
  • Cyber Slave – skimpy black lingerie


“Nikki is a shy nerd girl who started out streaming video games but quickly realized how much more money she could get by showing off the goods”

  • Age: 20
  • Race: White
  • Weight: 132 lbs
  • Cup size: DD
  • Traits: Huge Tits, Glasses


  • Casual – blue wispy bob
  • Proper – blue side pony with brown, bowed hairband
  • Scrunchie – blue side pony with green scrunchie
  • Beanie – blue hair tucked back into dark grey beanie
  • Tranquility – two plaits tied with pink bands


  • Nerd Girl – grey sweater with exposed shoulder
  • Yuppie – preppy outfit: white blouse with checked vest
  • Heart Hoodie – blue and pink heart hoodie with black and white striped sleeves
  • Tank Top – white tank top
  • Pajamas – open pink pajama top with black bra


“Lola is a flight attendendent who is sick of dealing with annoying passengers and is thinking it just might be time for a career change.”

  • Age: 27
  • Race: Black
  • Weight: 125 lbs
  • Cup size: C
  • Traits: Ebony, Fit


  • Afro Curls – brown curly bob with bangs
  • The Bob – straight cut bob with bangs
  • Fashionista – long ringlets with wispy bangs
  • Spritey – pixie cut
  • Twin Drills – pigtails in ringlets with leaf ties and side fringe


  • Stewardess – blue flight attendant outfit
  • Downtown – white bodycon
  • Lazy Sunday – grey sweater
  • Tank Top – white tank top
  • Pajamas – open pink pajama top with black bra


“Tiffany is a college student who’s looking for a way to start paying off her student loans, but can’t seem to find a decent part time gig.”

  • Age: 19
  • Race: White
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Cup size: C
  • Traits: Teen, Fit


  • Pigtails – blonde pigtails with red ribbons
  • Long Hair – wispy long, blond hair with bangs
  • Twintails – high, blond pigtails with red clips
  • Ponytail – low, blonde ponytail with bangs and pink tie
  • Long Braids – blonde, dutch braids with straight cut bangs and red ties


  • School Uniform – white and red school uniform
  • Coconut Palm – pink and orange bra with white lace trim
  • Innocence – white shirt with pink pinafore
  • Cherry Cheer – red shirt with mid-chest heart cutout
  • Freezy Pop – white bra with blue detail


“Aiko is looking for a way to fill her days after recently being fired from her job as a university professor for sexual misconduct with her students.”

  • Age: 29
  • Race: Asian
  • Weight: 112 lbs
  • Cup size: B
  • Traits: Asian, Glasses


  • Academic – high, black bun with wispy side fringe
  • Youthful – wispy, black shoulder length cut with white clip
  • Athletic – half up, half down long black cut with wispy bangs
  • Elegant – long, straight black hair
  • Sensual – short, black bob


  • Summer School – white crop top with a black tie and green sweater
  • February Air – coral turtleneck sweater
  • Gold Chateau – gold sweater vest over white blouse
  • Royal Flush – black suit with various cut outs
  • Naughty Teacher – purple lingerie with black lace accents


“Candace is kind of an airhead who just goes along with whatever people say. She’s a professional stripper with big fake tits. Deep.”

  • Age: 24
  • Race: White
  • Weight: 125 lbs
  • Cup size: F
  • Traits: Fit, Huge Tits


  • Bubble Gum – pink, high pigtails
  • Sweetness – pink, high pigtails (more wispy than Bubble Gum)
  • Police Cap – short, pink cut with police hat
  • Nurse Cap – pink, high pigtails with nurses hat
  • Pink Fudge – long, pink hair, lightly curled on ends


  • Candy Wrapper – pink and white striped bra
  • Buckled Up – purple lingerie with dark purple straps
  • Law & Order – cropped, blue police uniform with striped pink and white tie
  • Health Care – bodycon, white and red nurses dress
  • Nipple Tape – black, crossed nipple tape


“Audrey started messing with hard drugs after having her heart broken by her last boyfriend and now she needs a way to feed her awesome coke habit.”

  • Age: 18
  • Race: White
  • Weight: 104 lbs
  • Cup size: A
  • Traits: Teen, Flat Chest


  • Big Red – long, red hair with white dip dye
  • Half ‘n Half – half black, half white short cut
  • Lolita – blonde punk cut with black bow
  • Crystal Meth – blue pixie cut
  • Liberal Arts – long purple


  • Scene Girl – grey and white striped top with black jacket
  • Thottie – red, plaid bralette
  • Swagouli – black tee with white and pink ghoul print, pink fishnet underneath with multi coloured bracelets
  • Polka Dot – black and white polka dot bodycon with blue belt
  • Bow Bra – green bow bra


“Marlena is a Brazilian bombshell who basically coasts through life on her bangin’ good looks. She’s very confident and extremely narcissistic.”

  • Age: 30
  • Race: Latin
  • Weight: 128 lbs
  • Cup size: DD
  • Traits: Latina, Huge Tits


  • Blondie – long, sleek blonde style
  • Kyasarin – curly pigtails
  • Glowing Halo – pixie cut with halo
  • Evil Horns – straggly pixie cut with horns
  • Supernova – blonde, mid length ringlets


  • Bombshell – pink bra and thong
  • Ready Set Go – yellow race suit with checked stripes
  • Sweet Angel – blue and white bra and skirt with white wings
  • Sinful Devil – red catsuit with chest cut out and red wings
  • Cloud Nine – white fluffy bra with sheer dress


“Lillian is a gothed-out brat who hangs out at the mall and does pretty much anything her parents disapprove of just to piss them off.”

  • Age: 18
  • Race: White
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Cup size: B
  • Traits: Teen, Tattoos


  • Bratty Baby – black high pigtails with bangs
  • Moonlight – long black hair with white tips
  • Bloodstained – black pixie cut with red streak
  • Seance – black mid length cut with half head shaved
  • Sacrifice – black short style


  • Mall Goth – black bralette
  • Trapped Soul – purple underwear with black mesh top
  • Vampiress – red and black strapless bodycon
  • Panda Face – blue panda shirt
  • ♥♥♥♥ Off – white vest with red “♥♥♥♥ off” print and black and white striped gloves


“Sarah is an unbearable weeaboo who thinks she’s Japanese and calls herself “Suki”. She’s the worst. But she’s still kinda hot in that weird way.”

  • Age: 20
  • Race: White
  • Weight: 138 lbs
  • Cup size: B
  • Traits: Chubby, Thick Ass


  • Bleach Blonde – blonde pigtails with pink and orange flowers
  • Kawaii – pink space buns
  • Angelic – long, straight white hair
  • Kitty Cap – short, purple hair with black kitty hat
  • Rainbow – rainbow hair in short pigtails with bangs


  • Ganguro Girl – pink dress with orange and yellow lei
  • Sailor Uniform – cropped white and blue sailor uniform
  • Kimono – blue kimono with floral print
  • Overalls – denim overalls with yellow undershirt and various accessories
  • Bubble Bath – blue and white polka dot bikini with pink trim


“Beli was a conservative yoga instructor until recently when she discovered her true sexual nature and frankly, she’s kind of a freak.”

  • Age: 28
  • Race: Asian
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Cup size: C
  • Traits: Asian, Chubby


  • Regality – black, wavy side ponytail
  • Short ‘n Sweet – short, wispy black style
  • Arabian – long styled hair with gold headpiece
  • Flowery – dutch braids with yellow and silver floral headpiece
  • Conservative – braided, pulled back style


  • Silk Sari – red and purple sari with gold trim
  • Yoga Outfit – blue sports bra
  • Eastern Desire – purple arabian style
  • With Love – yellow bikini with “with love” print across chest
  • Underwear – white bra set


“Lailani moved from the pacific to get away from her strict family and live by her rules. She acts shy but she knows what she’s doing”

  • Age: 23
  • Race: Asian
  • Weight: 102 lbs
  • Cup size: A
  • Traits: Asian, Flat Chest


  • Island Girl – long black hair with orange flower
  • Flower Crown – medium black hair with orange flower crown
  • Feather Band – native american headdress with braids
  • Coralite – half up in bun, half down with bangs
  • Starfish – bob with orange starfish


  • Beach Sarong – purple and yellow sarong
  • Hula Dancer – coconut bra and grass skirt
  • Native Chic – native american dress
  • Frilly Crop – white crop top
  • Infinity – pink and orange bikini


“Nadia is a self described Russian sex goddess who used to provide sadistic and domineering escorting services to wealthy European men.”

  • Age: 32
  • Race: White
  • Weight: 126 lbs
  • Cup size: D
  • Traits: MILF, Tattoos


  • Classy – long, sleek brown style
  • Temptress – short brown ponytail
  • Wedding Veil – pulled back brown hair with white veil
  • M’lady – black fedora with purple ribbon
  • Mistress – straight cut bob with bangs


  • Glamorous – black, sparkly strapless dress with white gloves
  • Succubus – red dress with sheer red trim
  • Wedding Dress – sheer white suit with white detail
  • Gangster – black suspenders
  • Safe Word – purple heart pasties and skirt with lace trim


“Nora is a badass ♥♥♥♥♥ who grew up on the streets slingin’ rock to get by. She’s out of the game now but the rent isn’t gonna pay itself.”

  • Age: 21
  • Race: Latin
  • Weight: 122 lbs
  • Cup size: B
  • Traits: Latina, Tattoos


  • Bandana – brown bun with blue bandana
  • Pure Swag – long brown hair with white tips and ‘swag’ snapback
  • Slicked Back – slick, long brown style
  • Chill Out – long red wavy hair with red beanie
  • Messed Up – messy up do with red and white bandana


  • Chola – open blue plaid shirt with white crop top
  • Jean Jacket – white tank and small jean jacket
  • Badass ♥♥♥♥♥ – red bandana top
  • Laid Back – black and white crop top with “babe” written on it
  • Nighty Night – red floral off-the-shoulder dress with black trim


“Brooke is a wife, mother and business woman who seeks out attention online from young men because her boring husband leaves her drier than a desert.”

  • Age: 40
  • Race: White
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Cup size: D
  • Traits: MILF, Glasses


  • Independent – brown ponytail
  • Laundry Day – brown curly up do with red and white polka dot bandana
  • Curlers – brown hair in blue curlers
  • Presidential – brown bun up do
  • Days Past – long brown hair


  • Professional – blue and white blouse
  • Kitchen Apron – red and white polka dot apron
  • Bath Robe – white bath robe
  • V-Bikini – blue v-bikini
  • Cougar – black lingerie with sheer white trim


“Renee escaped her hometown and moved out west to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress. She’s working her way up; you gotta start somewhere.”

  • Age: 25
  • Race: Black
  • Weight: 124 lbs
  • Cup size: D
  • Traits: Ebony, Thick Ass


  • Creamsicle – pink bob with bangs
  • Natural Look – shaved brown hair
  • Straight Up – wavy pink bob
  • Mysterious – emo fringe
  • Whipped – curly fringe on brown shaved hair


  • Cream Puff – white crop top with sheer detail
  • Old School – blue sports bra
  • Prestigious – coral bodycon with pearl necklace
  • Jade Corset – green corset with black lace
  • Poppin Off – long-sleeved blue crop top


“Jessie is a porn star who’s looking for other opportunities in the industry now that her age is starting to show and she doesn’t get as many film offers.”

  • Age: 36
  • Race: White
  • Weight: 132 lbs
  • Cup size: D
  • Traits: MILF, Chubby


  • Mature – wispy blonde bob
  • Cowgirl – side ponytail
  • European – two long ringlets (like pigtails)
  • Soccer Mom – the classic Karen cut
  • Forever Young – low pigtails with red ties


  • Leopard Print – leopard print bodycon
  • Country Life – green and black checked crop
  • Bar Maiden – white blouse with brown and red corset over top
  • Playful Bunny – red playboy bunny suit and collar
  • Babydoll Lace – black babydoll with sheer black fabric


You get tokens whenever you complete the initial 21 days in the game varying from depending on which trophy you receive. This can be used to unlock the following achievements:

Guilty Pleasures

  • Unlock all outfits and hairstyles for one girl.

Disappoint Your Parents

  • Unlock all outfits and hairstyles for all girls.
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