I Was a Teenage Exocolonist – How to Prevent Catastrophes (Story Deaths, Overthrowing Lum and More)

Spoiler. Just a quick guide to some story deaths I have encountered and prevent some other catastrophes, including overthrowing Governor Lum. Plus… reconciling Tang and Dys!

Guide to Prevent Catastrophes

Saving Tammy

You can save her by reloading the save if you’re on your first playthrough. Otherwise, the option becomes available in the second playthrough where you can run to her instead of going to the cotton candy.

Saving Uncle Tonin

To save uncle Tonin, you need to unlock expedition choice to sneak out of the colony. You can do this by having at least 10 relationship with Dys to unlock it as early as possible. An alternative option is waiting until you can talk to uncle Tonin and Dys will give you a way out.

During the Wet season of the second year, sneak out of the colony and go to find uncle Tonin where you can find Dys before at the bottom left of the map. Try to distract it to give him a chance to survive.

Saving Mom

This is a bit of a tricky one. I recommend doing it with the one below. Ideally, you will forage in the valley soon as possible and try to clear out the event on the map. It should be the event where you discovered that the ground is edible spongecake. The location might be random because I’ve encountered it in two different places.

You also need to do all of the events on the valley map to gain food point and keep track of the food reserve at the Command, the blue building where Marz stands near.

Saving Dad

You need to forage at the valley during pollen season for this one, do it as soon as possible. Ideally, you can combine this with saving mom. Go to the bottom right corner of the map where you will see a event and collect the spore samples. You don’t need to go in and shouldn’t since it will end the expedition abruptly.

Afterwards, go do an engineering event where you can talk with Chief Instance and Tang about the cure. Once you helped them with the cure, your dad should be saved. You won’t need to do this during replay as well since you can just tell them the cure.

“Saving” Dys

This is a bit convoluted since I haven’t understood the entire deal of his “death” yet but it is possible for Dys to “die” as an individual since he will assimilate with the Gardener’s consciousness.

To avoid this, you can either stop him from leaving at all by (1) dating him or having high (90) relationship with him (2) has high empathy and success the mini-game check.

However, if you allow him to go through with his plan, you can find him by surveying the ridge. You need to do all three events of investigating the at the bottom left of the ridge map before the bombing to find him since all three of these are experienced with Dys. It is necessary to have low stress in the second event.

  • The first one is where you enter the cave.
  • The second one is where you will need to go through several stress check and reach a deeper consciousness.
  • The third one is finding a new room.

Optional: but I also think you should return to the Ridge after meeting Sym and go to the right he stands.
During the 7th year, you can get a scene where you learn about Dys’ augment (and get to tease him about a kiss).
Then in the 8th year, you can get a conversation with Sym about the Gardener. At the end of this, Dys will ask Sym about becoming one.

He should be at the same position as the event at the bottom left. If you have high (80) relationship with Sym, you can convince him to stop Dys.

Otherwise, you can convince Dys to come back as a friend (also requires high (90) relationship, I think, since I haven’t tried) or you can confess/reaffirm your love to ask him to go back.

Stopping Tangent and Instance

After getting Tangent’s conversation about her current project with Instance, you can get an event during Engineering where you saw her leaving with Instance but left the lab door open. It might take a few tries before this event triggers if you haven’t done much engineering. However, once you got it, there are three stat-check options:

  • Search the files: Requires 50 Organizing to unlock.
  • Search the computer: Requires 50 Engineering to unlock.
  • Check out the experiments: Requires 50 Biology to study the creatures more closely.

Once done, you can get a conversation with Tangent. You must pick “I know about the engineered plague” to confront her about it. Here, you will have a skill check where you can ask Tangent to stop with high (90) relationship.

However, if you don’t have her support, you can go to Lum with your evidence and threaten to expose him. Select “But I have evidence! I will tell everyone!” to stop him for good.

Overthrowing Lum / Becoming Gorvernor

Overthrowing Lum requires you to be in year 17 of the game for this chain of events to get into motion. I think you also need a high relationship with Marz for this.


  • (0) Always choose to save Eudicot to get one extra vote.
  • (1) Spending time at the blue building to get Secret Funtimes Club (SFC) events. This chain starts with the one where you get to recruit a Helios kid. Picking either Rex or Nomi will get you the other as well, which is my recommendation. It might be a bad idea to pick Vace because he’s a loyalist to Helios.
  • (2) You will get a SFC event after the dance where you can suggest overthrowing Lum.
  • (3) During Mid Dust, year 18, another event with Marz where she expresses distaste for the governor. Afterwards, do another governing action to trigger new SFC event.
  • (3.5) You will need persuasion (5) or rebellion (70+) to nominate yourself as a governor if you want the position.

Optional: If you have high loyalty (70+) or have persuasion (60), you can get the assist the governor job early by convincing Seeq to give it to you. This also helps you dig up some dirt about Lum, I don’t know if this helps or not because I’ve succeeded in overthrowing him without doing this.

From there on, everything should be straightforward. You need the unanimous support of the chiefs across the broad. I recommend leaving Aunt Anne to the last because she won’t agree to support you until you get the majority.

The people you need to convince are:

  • Mom/Cal (Geoponics)
  • Utopia (Explorations)
  • Rhett (Garrison)
  • Instance (Engineering)
  • Seeq + Eudicot (Command)
  • Aunt Anne (Quarters)

During your conversation with the chiefs, you can actively support Marz or yourself to be the gorvernor. If Marz becomes the governor, you will be given the assistant position. If you become the gorvernor, you can give Marz or let Seeq keep it.

Mending Dys and Tang’s Relationship

Alternative title: Make them reconcile faster!

This requires unlocking the barista career at the Quarters, which should be available as early as year 17 during Dust season if you should have high empathy. You will learn a bit more about what happened to their mom during this, she was the previous Counselor before it took her own life.

From there onwards, it’s mostly working at the cafe until you trigger all the event sequences. It goes with: Tang > Dys > Tang > Dys > Tang & Dys. Once you get them both together, you’ll get the CG and the siblings reconciled.

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  1. im a bit confused, i cant find exo-botany anywhere, google or ingame and ive unlocked xeno-botany and followed those steps and still lost mum, so just very corious on where exobotany is

  2. I kinda found out the prerequisites on how to save Mom. I’ll lay it out here:

    1. When Year 14 starts, focus on unlocking Farming and Exobotany as early as possible.
    2. Once unlocked, try to squeeze in at least two instances of Farming before the Famine event.
    3. Once Famine event starts, if you have already done atleast 2 Farming activities, go straight to Foraging and do your best to reach the ! (Spongecake) event quickly. It only comes up if you have enough experience in Farming prior.
    4. Once you have finished the Spongecake event, stop Foraging and focus on Exobotany until you get the activity to analyze the samples.

    If you accomplish analyzing the samples before Glow season of same year, Mom will be saved. I also noticed that procuring food sources doesn’t really matter. All it does is pressure you. You can choose to disregard some of the Foraging events if you’re trying to conserve Stress.

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