Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms – Quick and Cheap Guide to Go Fast!

TL;DR Speed = Gems / Debuff = Favor.


If you are a beginner, you’ll find that the game revolves around unlocking more champions because of how picky quests are and patrons are locked. So aim for unlocking champions to get Patrons!

For each patron unlocked (Max 4) you can get a free time gate key and modron chest per week. This is important because time gate keys have limited drop (1/week+-). (2 if you have bought the Tomb of Annihilation Tier 5 Blessing.)

Main Champions

Since you’re going for patrons as i said, you should get the best champions in the game (at the moment), Freely and Zorbu.

Freely has an ability that grants favor for each area completed with him at the formation, and Zorbu has an ability that increases his damage and persists through resets.

You will need to farm Zorbu for DPS, but he will easily pass your main dps and only scale higher during early and middle game. Once you hit really high favor and equip levels, Asharra will rise as the best DPS, but there’s a lot of ground to cover until then.


Now that you unlocked the best champions, we can focus on speed champions. All speed champions are S Tier because game go fast = gems.

Speed!: This mechanic is used in the Potions of Speed. You can see that game speed is capped in the potion description, and this applies to most speed buffs so that the game won’t break, but you would need a lot of speed to get to the point where the game almost breaks anyway.

  • Champions: Deekin, Shandie, Melf.

Spawn Increase: This mechanic can be seen on Minsc from the 8 original champions, enemies spawning more when you have damage to quickly kill them = faster levels = more gems.

  • Champions: Widdle, Minsc, Melf.

Reduce Quest Requirements: This is the good stuff, 17 itens needed to complete an area is way faster than 25.

  • Champion: Sentry.

Increase Item Drop: This stacks good with Sentry. (i may be wrong, but an item can only be double dropped once.)

  • Champions: Heew Man, Melf.

Level Skip: The Speedster Champion: Briv.

Briv has his unique ability that allows him to say f it and jump multiple levels getting it’s rewards. The only downside is that you need to stack his ability during other reset for him to jump.

Melf’s ability can trigger a random speed buff, so he appears in almost all categories.

Modron Core

If you have spare champions in all bench slots you can take a quest and unlock a Modron Core. If you have the quest unlocked, DO IT! (it’s pretty easy with a little gear).

With modron core you can setup auto-resets and auto-equip formations (you will need familiars for this one).

Once unlocked, modron cores will only improve your game. You will need to find a google solution to make your automation work with the parts you have.

Note that the modron core you get for free is the best in damage, and the second (speed core) is the best for gem farming. The third buffs melee champions, and there’s no viable DPS at this point of the game to make it worth buying it. And we will break the game so melee DPS will no longer matter anyway.

Finally Breaking the Game

Now we can play the game as it wasn’t intended to be played. Also known as Click / Debuff Meta.

This works because champions can only be leveled to a certain level, and some of their buffs stop increasing, but click damage can always go up, and debuffing monster to take more damage also work for clicks (some debuffs don’t work on click damage)

With freely you have your first debuffer (one of the strongest), and now you need to get the rest of them and gear them up. For more about how the debuff meta works you can check Gaarawar’s guide to debuff meta on youtube.

  • If you’re feeling lazy, i’ll leave my debuffers choice here.
  • Orkira (with Artemis and Nrakk to stack her lesser restorations the debuff is absurd)
  • Freely (nice debuffer with skill that debuffs)
  • Gromma (nice debuffer in arctic specialization)
  • Aila (best tank, skill that applies debuff, synergy with sentry for Aerois Synergy debuff)
  • Sentry (tanky, but only work as a debuffer with Aila)
  • Krull (nice gold find and debuff)
  • Beadle & Grimm (weird long rest ability, but you want Grimm with lots of Long Rest stacks)
  • Stryx + Warden (both share the same slot, warden can apply his debuff multiple times and then be swaped with Strix for Smelly Lunch debuff.

You’ll also need Jim, because for some reason when using click / debuff one enemy always stay on screen during boss levels, and you want to turn him into a chicken and keep climbing for absurd amounts of favor.

If Jim transform the last enemy in a mimic, equip Azaka with your gold find champions and use her skill to gain lots of favor and more click damage to climb higher. This is known as Azaka Farm and there are ways to improve her farm.

That’s it. With love, Brocc.

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