Idle Spiral – Flower Challenge Guide

Easy way to cheese the Flower Challenge.

How to Complete Flower Challenge Easy


Hello, this is my first guide, so please excuse me if the formatting is bad.

But here is how to easily beat the Flower Challenge.

You can start with this tactic after Δr starts to sway between a positive and a negative value.

By activating the boost when the Δr becomes positive and deactivating it once it becomes negative, you will become able to increase your r value faster and faster with the increasing size of the vibration.

It may even become posible to beat the challange without even buying a single upgrade. (not tested yet).

When to Boost

Once Δr starts to become positive, activate the boost.

When to Stop the Boost

Once Δr starts to become negative, deactivate the boost.

Here is a short demonstration:

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