Immortal Life – Gifting Guide

The Romance System hasn’t been implemented yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t preemptively max out the affections of our waifus and husbandos! This is what I have found during my playthrough.

Guide to Gifting

Chen Yuanzhou

  • Bighead Carp
  • Braised Silver Carp
  • Bamboo Flute*

*Given as an early quest reward, can also be purchased from travelling merchant.

Mu Xia

  • Red Flower*

*Can be found in Sunset Forest.

Wei Hong

  • Dry Braised Frog

Li Mengqing

  • Preserved Fruit
  • Collection of the Lost Stories*

*Can be purchased from travelling merchant.

You Jinghe

  • Liangpi*

*A food dish (its actually quite delicious, one of my personal favourite foods irl).

Ji Yaohua

  • Jujube Cake

Yang Ziqin

  • Records of Guiyun Sect*

*Can be purchased from travelling merchant.

Remainder that gifting on a birthday gives 3x multipliers. 



  1. Wei Hong likes yellow frogs as well, Li Mengqing likes jujube cake, You Jinghe likes liquor and wine, Ji Yaohua likes scarlet sage and honeysuckle flower, Yan Ziqin likes Yellow crayfish and Anima herb.

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