Inscryption – Ultimate Guide to Riddles of the Silvan (Puzzle Solutions)

Riddles of the Silvan Guide

There are 5 notable places in the hut and below I will describe their riddles, solutions and rewards.


The most simple and starting puzzle. Stoat will tell you the solution to it, but I’ll tell you about it anyway. To the left of the game table you can find the Manual where the effects of the cards are described and on the first page you can find the code: 273.


Inside the safe you will find the Key to the Cabinet.

There you will find 4 shelves. The lower ones open after the top ones.

Top left


Top right


Bottom left


Bottom right



To the left of the cabinet you can see a small shelf, for us there are 3 interesting pieces: Skull, Candelabrum and Caged wolf.

The skull is your starting tooth deposit. In each race, you can come to a bone friend and borrow 2-6 units of local currency from him and later apply it to a trapper.

A lone candle will burn on the candelabrum. Be sure to extinguish it. After the 3rd time, you will receive a reward: During boss fights, for each life saved, you will be given a Smoke card, this card will be improved. Instead of the characteristic 0-1, we will get 1-3 and 4 bones after death.

The Caged Wolf is an important item for progressing the story. To use it, you need to get a card with it from the cabinet and kill it, after that the cage will break and the figure will be in your hands.

We take it and carry it to the device with the squirrel to the right of the cabinet, and then insert it into the hole. We receive a knife as a prize. You will need it for the progress, but it can also help in runs. It performs the same function as pliers, that is, it gives additional weight to the scales, but makes it 4 times better.


A picture is a request for the location of specific cards in specific places; the location of other cards on the table does not affect in any way. Simply put, if you need to put squirrels in slots 1 and 4, and in the second you already have another creature, then the decision will be counted and you can pick up the reward. There will be 3 such quests in total, they will always be random and the rewards for them are as follows:

1st solution


2nd solution

Allows you to reroll the suggested cards when you add them to the deck. To do this, click on the clover.


An additional candle, in other words, additional life, additional smoke on the boss.

3d solution


Brooch in the shape of a bee. Replaces all squirrels in the deck with bees with 1-1 characteristics and the effect of flying.


The clock has 2 riddles. The first one has been known since the demo: Set the watch to 11 o’clock and get a ring as a reward. Hint for this riddle can be found during prepotations to the fight with 4th boss. The second puzzle is story-related.


To the right of the squirrel with a knife, you can find an animal’s skull hanging on the wall, if you poke it several times, its eyes will light up, and you will receive the blessing of the bones (+1 bone at the beginning of the battle, the same can be found on the map).

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