Invisible, Inc. – Beginners Tips

Tips for New Players

  • Advanced is the best difficulty for beginners. 3 Rewinds per level is usually enough to prevent some horrible mistakes that may get your team killed.
  • Don’t hack everything you see. This is crucial not just because of PWR management, but because some of the hackable devices have daemons, the effect of which can vary from a small limitation to a total catastrophe. (for example, Labyrinth decreases your agents AP, and what can interrupt the exploration of the level or escape from it)
  • At the levels, there may be a server that shows hidden daemons when hacked, but usually it is protected by a daemon itself, so you have to cross your fingers here (or use Decker augment to reveal it)
    • Or, in general, you can use common sense. why would you hack a NanoFab if you have almost no credits? or that corporate safe with 5 firewalls and a daemon, protected by security guards and a heavy drone. Is it worth the effort if there are 3 almost unprotected safes on the map?
  • Try not to use neural disrupter every single time you see a guard.
  • Patrolling guards usually walk along the same path, turning from one side to the other every turn. knowing the path of the patrol and using covers, you can avoid a fight (and with the anarchy lvl2, you can even steal money and a 1st level keycard from the back/side of the guard)
  • Speaking of 3. undisturbed guards follow the same route, and this can be used to slip right under their noses (they don’t notice an agent 1 cell away from the doorway when they pass by, and this applies even to regular patrols! if you stand to the side of the guard when he walks in a straight line, he will not notice you in any way. poor guys have serious problems with peripheral vision)
  • Hacked drones can be used for:
    • Exploring part of the level instead of agents (for 2 turns for drone cameras).
    • Distractions (guards, including stationary ones, will approach the drone if it turns off in front of their eyes.
    • Killing guards (Obake and Akuma drones have weapons that allow you to kill a guard without armor or break a camera).
    • patrolling drones (especially camera drones) are basically regular guards that can be hacked and cannot be KO’ed, so if you have the opportunity to run past without hacking them, then it’s better to save PWR. By the way, you can steal PWR from drones that are turned off/standing on the side or from the back. (the latter can happen with anarchy lvl2)
  • If the guard is in the field of view of the hacked camera, then any agent at the level can predict his movement, even one who does not plan to go anywhere, which allows you to save the AP for moving agents.
  • You can use certain item or program to TAG guards (TAG Pistol and Wisp respectively).
  • It will automatically predict the tagged guard’s movements until the end of the LEVEL, even if they are running around the map with the “Alert” status. Incredibly useful stuff, allows you to think through your turns in advance.
  • Buster Chips (which allow your agent to break trough 2 and more firewalls manually) are insanely good to open safes and hacking devices without wasting too much of your PWR.

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