Iratus: Lord of the Dead – Team Strategy for New Players

Strategy Guide for Beginners

All credit goes to MasterBLB!

Bride of Iratus, Zombie, Skeleton, Dark Knight, or rather order them this way Bride of Iratus, Dark Knight, Zombie, Skeleton.

Bride skill upgrades and usage:

  • Adore Him, use that as her 1st action in fight.
  • Lungpiercer, sometimes backed up by Fate spell to guarantee critical hit and therefore stun.
  • Get Away of Him! to break enemy stances, and push back enemies.
  • Bloody Rose, once you’ll upgrade your Adobe of Wrath in your graveyard, which is kind of main base.

Zombie skill upgrades and usage:

  • Trench Loading to give him extra damage for next attack, and also block and ward for shielding. You can use that as 1st action in fight, although that’s not mandatory.
  • Abyssal Bombardment, that’ll be his main attack. It also works well with Strength of Mediocrity given by Skeleton and Trench Loading.
  • Grand Volley, strong single-target skill, useful if you wish to finish off chosen enemy.
  • Ultimate shot Light Caliber is stronger version of Grand Volley, usage the same as above skill.

Skeleton skill upgrades and usage:

  • Clumsy Stike, single-target attack which ignores armor and never misses.
  • Bony Bully to interrupt stances/push enemies back. Remember to use spell Back afterwards to move the skeleton back to its nominal position.
  • Mystic Fortitude, use this stance to provide guard for other minion if needed.
  • Strength of Mediocrity, cast this on your Dark Knight 3 times to buff him up considerably; Zombie which does mortar bombardments is also good target for this skill.
  • Smite, either upgrade; Vorpal Smite can instantly kill an enemy while Smite the Show-Offs strikes harder, and is more reliable against bosses. Use especially against enemies with low/no armor, and several blocks to dispatch 2 or more in one attack.

Dark Knight:

  • Death Comes to Everyone is his main attack, combines very well with buff Strength of Mediocrity granted by Skeleton.
  • We Are Nothing should be 1st action in fight preformed by the knight. You can also cast Fate spell on him to guarantee critical hit, and this massive damage; that’s useful trick if enemies you’re going to attack have no blocks.
  • Dark Greed, use that skill when Knight needs to heal up.

Set initiative for minions to guarantee action order like this: Skeleton > Dark Knight > whatever.

For items, give the knight Jester’s Visage once you’ll find it, this item causes enemies attack the bearer more often, and the knight has high armor, will be given even more armor by Skeleton, also he has Dark Greed to heal so he should endure beating just fine.

For Skeleton it is recommended to give it Acid Glands, thanks to it the skelly boy can quite easily remove all armor from an enemy using Smite (each hit rolls separate chance to trigger the glands)

For bombarding Zombie his Mechanical Aim item is the best, just don’t move him around.

For Bride Serpent’s Skull which increases her luck will combine with Lungpiercer nicely.

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