Jrago The Demon Hunter – Useful Tips and Tricks

Various tips and tricks to help you conquer the demons!

Tips and Tricks


  • Holding R1 or R2 will allow you to run faster.
  • This adds +3 to SPEED.

Diagonal Attacking

  • You can swing your swords in any direction by combining Joystick + Attack.
  • Holding L1 or L2 allows you to plant your feet and aim without moving.
  • In MID-AIR only, you can also attack at a downward angle.

Crouching with Subweapons

  • When crouching, you can throw subweapons at a faster rate of fire than when standing.
  • This also works in Mid-Air!
  • Some subweapons like Hatchets are thrown at a different angle when crouching.

Crouching Mid-Air with Spells

  • Crouching Mid-Air with spells allows for a faster rate of fire.
  • Some spells like ICE have a bonus effect of double shots when used in Mid-Air Crouch!

Maximizing Your Jump with Elevate

  • To maximize your Jump with Elevate, you must first HOLD the jump button when Jumping to reach maximum height.
  • When you use Elevate, HOLD the spell button down to maximize your lift.
  • Releasing the either button early will reduce the height of your jump.
  • Pressing and holding both at the same time will produce the highest jump.
  • Elevate has a COOL DOWN of approximately 1.25 seconds.
  • This is so that you cannot Elevate twice in a single jump.
  • Spamming the Elevate button will flap your wings, but will not give a boost to your jump.

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