Jung’s Labyrinth – Round Chaos / 100% Achievement Guide

How to get the only non story unlocked related achievement in the game.

How to Obtain the Round Chaos Achievement

Quick tip for labyrinths, pick a wall and follow it to the end to ensure you don’t get lost!

Round Chaos is unlocked when you find Audio Log #6. 

It is hidden behind a false wall in the 2nd level, Albedo.

You will find it by taking the path which unlocks ‘Face the Shadows’ (Spiders covering the path but don’t worry just run through). I found it quite quickly by following the left wall. Stick to the walls and you will eventually run through it to find the Audio Log #6 and pressing play will unlock the achievement.

All other achievements in this game will be unlocked by playing to completion.

Assuming you die at least once.

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