Junkyard Truck – All Jobs Guide

This guide will tell you few details about jobs in the Junkyard Truck game.

Guide to All Jobs

Garbage Collection

Garbage collection is a repeatable early game mission. Garbage bags spawn regularly around the residential area and can be picked up by the player and transported to the Dump north of of the residential area. To collect money, place the garbage bags into the orange container and speak with Don Garbaggio.

Collecting and delivering garbage bags can be done with the car or even the golf cart, making it a reliable mission if you run out of money and have a broken truck.

Iron Mine

The iron mine is a location found in the far North East section of the map. Although the road to the mine has a closed gate, the player can drive around it.


A pickaxe can be found near the outhouse building on the mining site.


Raw iron nodes can be found protruding from the hillside, and can be removed using the pickaxe. Some iron nodes are covered with a chunk of dirt which first needs to be broken to expose the node. Nodes will respawn after rainy weather.


Iron ore can be sold at the Forge by loading it into the Forge’s iron dumpster and interacting with the scale.


Logging is a job which the player can do at any time. Only trees marked with a red ribbon can be cut down. To cut a tree down, the player will need a Chainsaw which they can find in their garage. Once cutting down a tree, the tree needs to be cut into three sections by positioning the chainsaw in the right place along the shaft of the tree. Each tree will generate six logs. Logs can be sold at the scale at the Forge.


Recycling is a mission which is always available to the player once the truck is delivered to the player’s home. Metal junk items around the map can be collected and delivered to the square loading area in front of the junkyard. To get paid, place the junk in the delivery area and speak with Johnny Junks.


A small tobacco farm exists in the western section of the map. The player can water the plants, harvest them, and sell the boxed product to Jake for a profit. A water trailer is required to water the plants, and a truck with moderate upgrades is recommended in order to reach the farm.


The plants can be watered using the hose on the water trailer. The plants display their growth and hydration percentages on the tooltip when targeting a plant. Plants will need to be watered several times before they reach maximum growth. Harvesting a fully grown plant will yield several stacks of large leaves and return the plant 0% growth. The leaves must be packed into wooden crates. Crates of tobacco leaves can be sold to Jake for a profit.

Tools and Items

The water trailer can be found near the lake shore. Head west on the town’s main street and follow the road downhill. The path will become a dirt road which leads down to the lake. The trailer can be hitched to the truck by backing up close to the trailer’s hitch and interacting with the hitch. Note: The trailer will not hitch if the truck is too far away.

The water trailer can be filled up in the same location by positioning the trailer underneath the water pump, opening the tank’s lid, and opening the pump’s valve.

Wooden crates can be bought in town, at the building west of the gas station. A full tobacco farm will yield about 10 crates of tobacco leaves.


Crates of tobacco leaves can be sold to Jake, who resides in the North Eastern corner of the residential area.

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