Junkyard Truck – All Vehicles and Engines Guide

Here you can find all vehicles and engines that used in the Junkyard Truck game.

List of All Vehicles and Engines


Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles can be found in wooded areas off of the main roads. Abandoned cars have an engine which can be looted and recycled at the Junkyard for a good price of $400. Abandoned trucks generally have one or two aftermarket parts which can be unbolted and used on the Diamondback.


The 1982 Diamondback for sale at Johnny’s Junkyard.

The Diamondback is the player’s primary vehicle. The Diamondback is obtained from the Junkyard for $400.

22R Engine

Johnny explaining to the character how old pickup trucks were built tough while looking at the 22R Engine.

The Diamondback comes with a four cylinder carbureted engine. This engine can be converted to electronic fuel injection(EFI) for slightly more power and better fuel consumption. The EFI system also makes the engine compatible with a turbocharger.

V8 Swap

The V8 engine in the Diamondback.

The Diamondback’s engine can be swapped with a V8, which has more power than a turbocharged 22R engine.


The Eagle is the player’s starting vehicle. The Eagle burns oil and will lose power over time. Refilling the Eagle’s oil will bring its power back to normal. The Eagle has lower horsepower than the Diamondback, and is not ideal for off road travel or transporting large quantities of heavy items.

Golf Cart

The golf cart is a vehicle which can be found parked near the side of Jake’s garage. The golf cart is powered by a car battery. Batteries can be removed by tilting the back seat to reveal the battery compartment. Batteries can be charged using the battery charger at the player’s home. The golf cart is very slow and not very powerful, but costs nothing to drive.


The PreRunner is an NPC-controlled truck located near the Auto Parts Store. The PreRunner is a racing opponent for a dirt/road race which takes place around the main loop of the map. As development continues during early access, the PreRunner will show up in additional races and challenges from the Race Coordinator.


V8 Engine

The V8 Engine is an aftermarket engine which can be assembled and dropped into the Diamondback for a significant increase in horsepower. Building a V8 is considerably more expensive than rebuilding a 22R, however the V8 engine is more powerful than a fully upgraded 22R with EFI and a turbocharger.

Block Location

The V8 engine block can be found in a shipping container West of town. Following the town’s main road, head West down the hill about 100 yards. This container can be unlocked with keys obtained from off road challenges.


Aside from the block, all parts needed to assemble the engine can be found in the Auto Parts Store.

Parts Shared with the 22r Engine

The starter motor and plug wires are interchangeable between the 22R engine and the V8. The V8 also bolts to the stock transmission, however this will likely change as early access progresses. The 22R and V8 both use the same radiator, however both require their own radiator hoses.


Jimmy Junks will not inspect or fix the Diamondback with a V8 engine. Additional upgrades to the V8, such as high compression pistons and a twin turbo kit will become available during early access.

22R engine

The Diamondback starts off with a 22R engine.


  • Use Initial Repairs.


  • The 22R can run with low, or no oil. If the oil is low, the moving parts will wear much faster.


  • A hot engine will generate less horsepower, as well as degrade the quality of its parts at a much faster rate.

Check Engine Light

  • Use Engine Diagnosis.


  • An exhaust header can be bought at the Auto Parts Store, and will give a nominal +10hp increase.


  • An EFI conversion can be bought from the Auto Parts Store. This consists of an EFI intake, throttle body, and cone filter. This will give a nominal horsepower and fuel economy boost.


  • After an EFI conversion, the cone filter should be removed and replaced with a Turbo Inlet Pipe. The exhaust header must be replaced with a turbo exhaust. A turbocharger needs to be bolted to the turbo exhaust, which connects to the turbocharger. The same cone filter can be placed directly onto the turbocharger.

The stock engine of the 82′ Diamondback.

The upgraded EFI engine of the 82′ Diamondback.

The upgraded turbo engine of the 82′ Diamondback.

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