Junkyard Truck – All NPC List

Here you can find all in-game NPCs with descriptions.

List of All NPCs


Jake is one of the main NPCs who gives missions and buys moonshine and tobacco. Jake resides in the North East corner of the residential. Jake will initiate contact with the player via the computer once the player has the truck delivered to their home. Jake pays the player by placing a money roll on the foot stool in front of him.


After Jake’s 4th quest, he will request you speak with Jiggs Casey, who will get you started with brewing moonshine. Jake will buy crates of moonshine from the player and pay based on the quality of the alcohol. Jake will not buy moonshine until his 4th quest is completed.


Tobacco crates can be sold to Jake at any time.

Jiggs Casey

Jiggs Casey is an NPC who will give the player the location of his moonshine distillery after removing a nuclear bomb from his property. Jiggs Casey will not become available until Jake’s questline reaches a point where he asks you to speak with Jiggs.

Jimmy Junks

Jimmy Junks is the town mechanic located in the brick building West of the Gas Station. Jimmy Junks can inspect the player’s truck for $50 and offer to repair the vehicle once the inspection is complete. Jimmy Junks will not inspect a V8 engine. In order to initiate an inspection, the truck must be parked in or near the mechanic shop.

Johnny Junks

Johnny Junks owns and operates the junkyard in the North West corner of the map. As the first mission, the player must speak with Johnny Junks and pay him $400 to buy a truck. The following day Johnny will move to the Junkyard’s office where the player can earn money by Recycling.

Race Coordinator

The race coordinator is initially located across the street from the Auto Parts Store. To initiate a race, sign the form and pay the entry fee for the race. Your truck will need to be close to the starting line.


Sean is an NPC who gives the player several difficult tasks involving driving to the radio towers around the map. Sean is located in town near the wireless logo on the map. It is recommended that you have moderate upgrades to your vehicle before beginning these quests.

Utility Worker

The Utility Worker is an NPC located near the west wall of the of the Auto Parts Store. The Utility Worker becomes available after the player’s truck has been delivered. The Utility Worker will not message the player and must be interacted with directly to initiate his line of quests.

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