Juno: New Origins – Hidden Achievement Guide

Descriptions of all the hidden achievements.

How to Obtain All Secret Achievements

Hidden Achievements

Going Broke

  • Go into debt

I Don’t Need Instructions

  • Skip the craft designer tutorial in career mode


  • Collect 250 tech points without spending them

We’re Only In It For The Money

  • Complete the same contract 10 times

Contractual Obligations

  • Have 5 contracts accepted at the same time

Pretend That Didn’t Happen

  • Use quickload


  • Be on a hyperbolic trajectory out of the Juno system

One Giant Leap

  • Land on Luna with a Drood and walk around

Light This Candle

  • Leave a Drood in a craft on the launchpad for hours

Mission Control

  • Have 20 resumable craft

That’s Not How Physics Work

  • Launch a craft with zero mass

A Complex Puzzle

  • Launch a craft with over 1000 parts

Heavy Lifter

  • Launch a craft with 27 engines in the first stage


  • Fly into Juno

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