Kaiju Princess – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to unlock all 20 achievements for Kaiju Princess.

How to Obtain All Achievements

One small step for mankind

First Time

  • Play the first 5 minutes of the game, you can’t miss it.

Earth is saved… For now

First Quota Reached

  • Reach the initial destruction quota before the 10 day deadline.

What a lazy maid…

Obtain the Maid Outfit

  • Obtain 100% familiarity with the Market Street, then attack it on Wednesday or Friday.

A witch to help expel “evil spirits”

Obtain the Witch Outfit

  • Obtain 100% familiarity with the Village, then attack it on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

Magical Teen ☆ Xao!

Obtain the Magical Teen Outfit

  • Obtain 100% familiarity with the Strange Shop, then attack it on Monday.

Tight! Practical! Wet!

Obtain the Competition Swimsuit

  • Obtain 100% familiarity with the Town, then attack it on Friday or Saturday.

Beachy vibes…

Obtain the Bikini

  • Obtain 100% familiarity with the Amusement Park, then attack it on Saturday or Sunday.

Proof that you’re both enjoying it.

♥♥♥ with Me

  • During H Mode, ♥♥♥ at the same time as Xao.
  • Easiest: Wait for heart lock.
  • Fastest: Raise ejaculation with ♥♥♥♥ Shallow. Raise V Pleasure with Hands Deep. Finish with ♥♥♥♥ Deep.

Kissing Maniac

Reach Mouth Accomplishment Lv.3

Massive Knockers

Reach Breast Accomplishment Lv.3

Her Weakness has been Found!

Reach Clit Accomplishment Lv.3

Starving for ♥♥♥♥

Reach Vagina Accomplishment Lv.3

Limits of Love

Reach Orgasm x2

  • Make Xao Climax in two areas at once, ie: Mouth and Breast, or Clit and Vag. Easier after obtaining Promise Lock.

No… You Wouldn’t Dare!?

Reach Orgasm x4

My God!!! That’s Forbidden!

Reach Orgasm x8

Kisses All Day, Every Day

Kisses x1000

Ooooo… Chilly!

Obtain Popsicle Kaiju Doll

  • Purchase the Popsicle Kaiju Doll from the shop. Available after day 16 for $8000.


Obtain Festival Fan Doll

  • Purchase the Festival Fan Doll from the shop. Available after day 26 for $12000.

Boy am I… stuffed.

Obtain Tilapia Doll

  • Purchase the Tilapia Doll from the shop. Available after day 38 for $16000.

You know black cats are unlucky, right?

Obtain Black Cat Cape Doll

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