MultiVersus – How to Play Local Multiplayer

Quick and easy guide to access Local Multiplayer since some people seem confused.

Guide to Start Playing Local Multiplayer


Alright so one of the first things I checked for was Local Play, which they SAID was added to the game, but for the life of me I could not find it. It’s not hard to get to, but it seems like it’s been confusing to quite a few people, so I figured I’d lay it out real quick.

On the Main Menu, don’t click the Custom Game button, click the big golden PLAY button like you normally would for all other modes.

Once you click that, click the third TAB at the very top of the screen. That will then give you the option for Local Play.

Once you do that, you should find yourself on the screen below. All characters and perks are unlocked for Local Play. Hope this helps someone else. Enjoy!


Whose unlocks does the local multiplayer use? Can I not use characters in local multiplayer that I haven’t purchased?

  • Fortunately all characters and perks are fully unlocked for local multiplayer, so have a blast!

How do I change the rules or map for local multiplayer?

  • Check the top right of the screen and click the Book icon. That should allow you to change match details.

Can you mix bots into local multiplayer?

  • At the moment, it seems as though you cannot add bots in to your local multiplayer matches.
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  1. When i try to play local, if i press any key on keyboard or gamepad, it automatically makes me player 1, with any of them…what should i do?

    • I’m not sure about that. It was working for me with multiple controllers. It’s possible it’s still pretty buggy, so hopefully they iron it out. Feel free to submit a bug report to the devs if it keeps happening to you.

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