Kaiju Princess – Basic Guide

Tired of feeling unfilled from not getting these achievements, this basic guide should help you achieve them.

Guide to Basics

Main Tips

  • Don’t mate every single day (I know you want too but this is not what you’re here for).
  • Save often! There are times were you may mess up during the H scenes or made a simple mistake, so save the hassle and just save often.
  • In the early game don’t kiss Xao. You’ll get a negative relationship and just waste AP. I would wait until having around 600-1000 relationship points to start.
  • If you keep attacking after your quota is finished the remainder of that will be pushed onto the next quota. This is quite useful when you get to days 50-60.

Achievement Tips

In this section I’ll be mainly explaining the Accomplishment level achievements. The other achievements are pretty simple to figure out.

If you are trying to get the accomplishment level achievements, I’ll say it’s easier if you have the promise (heart lock icon) unlocked in the H scene. In order to get this, you need a high relationship score with Xao. Having a letter score of D or around 6000 points should work. However this possibly tied to the days, I was able to unlock promise on day 36 with a score of D. Additionally, I recommend to start getting these achievements around day 40 or 50. Assuming you followed the other sections you’ll have a decent amount of money, key items, and relationship points.

Anyways, once you have that unlocked Xao won’t bust until the both of you bust. Now all you have to do is get 8x orgasms. I find that doing this multiple times should level up your accomplishment. And give you a huge amount of relationship points at the end. Just keep doing this as you progress into the story.

Note that some of these accomplishment levels are locked behind certain days. For me, I was able to unlock the 3rd level mouth near the mid-40s and breast level 3 in the early 50s. Also, if you doing an 8x orgasm you have to nut inside of her or it won’t work.

Furthermore not necessary, but really helpful is buying all the essential oils and aphrodisiac seeds if you have them unlocked. It speeds up the leveling process a bit.


Getting all the outfits is straightforward just follow the outfit conditions in the outfit section. As you progress and gain a higher quota you will unlock new places to destroy just be mindful of the day you need to attack. Additionally, you need to have 100% familiarity first, in order to get the clothing icon to appear on that specific day.

Condition for swimsuit

Clothing Icon on specific day

Building Up Relations

This ties in with boosting mood, if you keep Xao’s mood to the highest you will slowly gain relationship points. If you care about getting all the memories then you need to get a higher relationship. Getting a score of A should be enough, but if you keep going it doesn’t really matter. I suggest not dumping all your AP here unless your quota is finished. I strongly emphasize attacking or working. However, If you are around in days 40-50 and have time to spare try getting multiple 8x orgasms. This is by far the best and most amount of relationship points you’ll earn.

Highest letter grade possible

Getting anything higher doesn’t seem to gain anything.


This is the central part of the game and is needed for progression. During your first quota, it is possible to get the first outfit easily and you’ll fill the bar quite quickly. When you hit the second quota you want to really start focusing on attacks and buy any key items that increase destruction. (I highly recommend buying all the destruction items first when you’re able to.) Additionally, pay attention to Xao’s mood by giving her food. If her hunger is out she won’t attack and overall hurts your relationship.

If possible prioritize attacks that have extra loot icons, also pay attention to the days of the week. Places like the Ranch, Tea garden, and Foggy forest are only worth attacking if they have a box icon.

When you unlock the city keep attacking there, it gives the second most destruction points until you get the capital. It’s also never worth to attack a place with a man in a suit even if it’s the city or capital. Just attack somewhere else or spend your AP in other places.

Lastly, I strongly recommend attacking at least once a day until to help build your quota. Obviously, you can attack more than once just be mindful of Xao’s hunger and the cleanliness of the room.

Work and Online Shopping

Another mechanic of this game is working. You should work when your quota is finished or if you just did one attack maybe two. Money is handy for obtaining key items that come in the store. And consumables for the end game. When the online shop is available I suggest saving up and buying the Lucky cat right away. Assuming you work when you have time you will make more than enough money to pay it back. After that by every single destruction key item you see. Then with the left over cash buy H mode items.

As for shopping, there is not much to this aside from key items and consumables don’t buy too many consumables since they are not worth it until the end of the game. If you are going to buy some then go for the bubble tea it’s a good mood booster and the mushroom for stamina. The essential oil for the mouth is also good if you are trying to get the accomplishment level achievements. I would mainly focus on key items first, specifically destruction bonus items. After that grab items that help in H scenes like love egg and the pillow etc.

Note: When working you also get a decent amount of satiation for Xao, so a good combination is to attack twice then work. And every now and then clean the room.


Satiety – States

  • Smiley face with the tongue is the best-satiated state.
  • Concerned green face (Feeding her will give a full heart and max Hunger).
  • Starving looking face.
  • Death…

In general just keep Xao’s hunger at max when possible.

Getting Hearts

  • The easiest way to get three hearts for the early game is to talk to her and once her hunger drops to a concerned face feed her. For four hearts you need to do a combination of kiss and head rubs. (But you do need a lot of AP) Near mid to end game (day 30-40 or a high relationship score) you’ll get the option to squeeze Xao’s breast. Just click on her on breast in the care for tab. By far this gives the most amount of hearts. Two squeezes and will get you close to full 10 heart max.

Room Cleaning

  • Always clean your room. It’s a simple way to boost Xao’s mood and not be a hot filthy swine. However, do note that you may “fail” a full cleaning. By this I mean you don’t get the sparkled clean room right away. Ideally, you should save often and reload, but you don’t have to do this every time. A good tidy is enough.

Maximizing Action Points

  • The first step in maximizing your AP is to use all of your AP. Never and I mean never use your AP to rest (I mean you could but why tf you reading this section?). When you run out of AP you’ll just automatically rest.
  • If you’re really desperate for action you can save one AP each day to knock her loose… Do keep in mind that if you do this every day your disgust level will go up.
  • When starting off like really early game I would not try kissing Xao until you have 1000 relationship points or until day 15 ish. You’ll only obtain negative points.
  • This was mention previously but a good combo is attacking twice and then working. Do this until you see the trash bags in the room icon. Then clean the room (spotless with sparkles) till your quota is finished.
  • When your quota is finished I would just start working and occasionally intertwine with Xao.
  • If you are on your second to last quota (roughly around the 50 or 60 day mark) you can continue to attack because the left over points will care on to the next quota. Very helpful for finishing the last quota.
  • Lastly when you have to apologize to Xao it’s mandatory to spend AP for the apology in order to do the other interactions with her. So far I found no way in preventing an apology because your disgust level will raise to level two eventually (Unless your a Holy Saint and abstained your way through the game, but why would you do that?).


The only information I know about the disgust level is that each time you level up disgust to level two you have to apologize to Xao. Which drains one AP and is required if you want to do other care for interactions. However, after the apology, it lowers back to zero plus or minus some half bars. So far I have no idea how to lower it aside from apologizing and not tickling her fancy every day…

Doing the Deed

Welp there’s really not much to explain here, you just pretty much ♥♥♥♥ her in the H scene mode over and over (Cough: Almost like the main selling point of the game…)…

Regardless, the thing you should pay attention to is Xao’s mod indicator. Ideally you want to have the ♥♥♥♥ me energy rather than the vibe is right. Again this is related to the amount of hearts you have. I would aim to have 4-5 hearts every time you initiate intercourse, it just makes leveling up easier (And realistically it would feel mundane if your not it the right head space…). Once you hit mid to end game you’ll probably aim for ten hearts every time because it’s pretty simple to get.

Less than four hearts

Four hearts description

Five hearts or more description

Golden Heart from item usage

I have no clue what the golden heart does, but it’s something to make note of…

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