Keplerth – Skills Basic Guide

A short introduction to skills and how to obtain them.

Guide to Skills


  • Skills are powerful abilities that give players an edge in combat.
  • Special enemies also have possession of skills, making them a very deadly encounter.
  • In total there are 16 offense, defense and support skills, two of which can be equipped to be used in combat.

Each skill usage spends energy which slowly regenerates over time, each usage will also trigger a cooldown until they can be used again.

Unlocking Skills

Underground are multiple portals scattered around with entry to challenge realms.

One of these rooms is an island that rewards players with money while the other room is a rift that rewards the player with a choice between money, rare pets or skills.

The rift is a trial by combat, a linear path with two combat rooms and the exit.

It is still possible to exit the rift by using the portal at the entrance.

Each of the combat rooms will spawn enemies in two waves. One enemy per wave can be a special enemy with a red glow beneath them which will be more powerful and wields two random skills. It is advised to keep distance from them when they use their skills as the majority of skills can deal massive amount of damage in very short time.

At the end of the trial will be a chest with three rewards in it. The left will be monetary reward, the middle is a random pet and the right will be a skill box which is needed to unlock your own skills.

Opening a mystery skill box will give you one random skill in your inventory and one to three upgrade disks. Right clicking on the skill will give you the ability while the upgrade disks are used to level up your skills.

Upgrading Skills

From the skill panel you can select your skills and assign them to either of two buttons. From this panel we can also access the upgrade panel.

Upgrading skills takes both money and one of the three upgrade disks.

  • Rank 1 upgrade disks for level 2 skills.
  • Rank 2 upgrade disks for level 3 skills.
  • Rank 3 upgrade disks for level 4 skills.

To get higher ranked upgrade disks you need to complete combat trials from lower floors.

  • Floor 1-4 for one skill but no upgrade disks.
  • Floor 5-9 for one skill and one rank 1 upgrade disk.
  • Floor 10-14 for one skill, one rank 1 upgrade disk and one rank 2 upgrade disk.
  • Floor 15-19 for one skill, one rank 1 upgrade disk, one rank 2 upgrade disk and one rank 3 upgrade disk.

Author Notes

Noticed that there isn’t much mention of skills anywhere. This guide will only explain how to unlock skills and what they are. I wont go into detail of all 16 skills and their strategic usage because they’re dropped randomly from skill boxes so the best option is to test them out yourself and decide thereafter if you like them or not.

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