Wife Massage – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Simple guide to help unlock all the achievements in Wife Massage.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Welcome & Roadmap

Welcome Masseuse to the achievement guide for Wife Massage.

There are 4 achievements to unlock, all basically just require you to unlock each scene in the game.


  • Achievements: 4
  • Playthroughs: 1
  • Hours to 100%: 5 to 10 minutes (with auto-clicker). 30 minutes to 1 hour (without auto-clicker and guide)
  • Difficulty: 1

How to Play & Cheat on Your Wife at the Same Time

Honestly, I’ll be real here. I had no idea what the ♥♥♥♥ I was doing.

But it looks like you just need to keep clicking the circles until they are a steady green.

You can easily cheat this mechanic though by just using an auto-clicker. (if you aren’t going to use an auto-clicker this can take a long time to finish and you will have to keep using the shop.)

As you progress in levels, there will be more circles to turn into steady green circles, I was able to complete the whole game by just purchasing the first upgrade for each. Without the auto-clicker you will most likely need to upgrade everything.

So turn on your damn auto-clicker.

Once you beat the first level, you are then sent to another screen where you have to select the Correct circle for each complaint she had about her day. If you get it wrong, you have to do the level all over again.

After you get the spot correct, the scene and achievement unlocks.

Choose Wisely Answers

You probably figured out about just using the auto-clicker yourself and the only reason you’re here is for these answers.

Well here you go.

  • Working All Day? – Neck.
  • Dirty House? – Underboob.
  • Hit Herself with the Shopping Bags? – Left Boob (her right).
  • Prepared Food for the Family? – Right Boob (her left).
  • Cleaned the Windows? – Vagina.
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