Kill It With Fire – How to Find the Vault Code for the Almighty Shoe

All the locations of the code pieces with pictures.

Guide to Find the Vault Code

Basic Info

Important: These are randomized for everybody; you have to find the code on yourself, i’m just showing the location.

Your gonna need the black-light from the final level and have the safe items already put together in their slots (like the basement area thingies).

This image just shows the black-light

I’m gonna show the image and name the level and where its at along with if its behind something like a bush.

First Contact

It’s behind the closet door.

Close Encounters

In the room with the streaming setup on the side of the drawer.

Domestic Duties

On the side of the dryer in the laundry room.

Down the Spider Hole

There is no code on this one, but it’s the level where you input the code, i’ll talk about this later.

Major Inconvenience

This one is behind a bush, near the car as shown. Just burn the bushes and look for a gap.

Garden of Evil

This one is the last one behind a bush, it is in the first area. You’ll see the gap.


In the closet behind the time trial.

Paper Trail

Behind the first desk when you spawn in.

Contingency OMEGA

In the secret room behind the bathroom, right before the locked door.


Inside the room where you first get the blacklight. If you missed this then you’re seriously blind.

Entering the Code

Cycle through all options until yours match up and then the gate will open for you.

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