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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the game released?

  • King of the Castle launched on March 2nd on PC via Steam. Get it now and rule over your friends and family!

Is this game only for streamers?

  • No, not at all! The game is primarily a party game, designed for a small group of friends (your board game crew, D&D group, online community, etc) to play together. All you need is for one person (the Monarch) to own the game! Everyone else (up to 24 players total) can connect and play for free via a web browser in our Party Game Mode

How do I play the game as a Monarch?

  • You will need to purchase the game and find a minimum of three other people to play with – either a circle of friends, your audience on Twitch, or a group recruited on this very Discord.

When starting the game, you can choose between “Twitch Mode” and “Party Game.” Twitch Mode will allow you to stream on Twitch and people can join the game via chat commands.

In Party Game, you will need to stream the game video (we recommend Discord) and up to 24 other people can join via their web browser by going to this site and following the instructions there.

How do I play the game as a Noble?

  • Simply find someone who is playing as the Monarch, and join their game via their Twitch or via your web browser by going to our site.

How do I customize my character?

  • You will need to purchase the game. Once purchased, you can enter the customization menu and customize the appearances of your Monarch character, as well as your Noble characters who will show up in other player’s games.

What do I get if I pay for the game?

  • By purchasing the game you can play as the Monarch. You can also link with your Twitch and Steam account to become a premium player using the Account Link button on the title screen.

Premium players can customize their Nobles and have a wider range of customisations than non-premium players. After joining a game as a Noble, they’ll also be much more likely to show up as central characters in the Monarch’s story.

How long does a typical game last?

  • A typical game of King of the Castle can run from 60-120 minutes. Most games will end at the 90-minute mark.

What languages are supported

  • Currently, we only have English supported in the game. With over 900,000 lines in the game, it would be a tricky endeavour to localise the game in any other languages so we have no plans right now to translate it.

What are the Regions?

  • The Kingdom is split into three Regions, which can be selected from five available options at game start. These are the Barons of the March, the Grandees of the South, the Chiefs of the North, the Counts of the East, and the Patricians of the Coast.

Each Region represents a different land within the Kingdom with its own culture and history. The Nobles of the different regions are essentially on different ‘teams,’ and are at odds with each other as well as scheming against the Monarch.

What’s a Scheme?

  • Each different region of Nobles can vote on a Scheme to overthrow the Monarch and place their own favoured Successor on the throne. These Schemes will shape the course of the narrative, and will require the Nobles of each region to successfully manipulate the stats of the Kingdom to meet a series of three stat goals.

What’s a Rebellion?

  • When a region’s Defiance stat rises to a level that is higher than the Kingdom’s Stability or Authority (whichever’s highest), they unlock the ability to rebel. A Rebellion is a game-changing event where the Nobles raise their banners and enter an open war against the Monarch.

Rebellions are risky but potentially rewarding – during a rebellion the Nobles’ Scheme is paused and if they lose they gain nothing. But if they achieve victory, the rebels will win the game outright.

How do you ‘win’ the game?

  • The Monarch wins the game by establishing an Heir and completing their Ambition. Nobles can win the game by completing their chosen Scheme or scoring a victory in a Rebellion.

What are the minimum specs to run the game?

  • Info: A 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 630 Graphics
  • Storage: 500 MB available

Can I specify my pronouns when joining the game?

  • Players can join with he/him, she/her, they/them or without specifying, in which case, it defaults to they/them. The in-game text will update to respect this and it will change how your character is generated (unless you have purchased the game, in which case you can look however you like).

This is so that players can express themselves and how they’re presented in the game.

If I’m a Noble in a streamer’s Twitch chat, how can I see what region I’m in?

  • Encourage the streamer to download the official Twitch Extension. The extension allows players in a streamer’s chat to see their region, Scheme, and Personal Wealth.

Does the game have any social media pages I can follow?

  • You can follow King of the Castle on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and join your fellow monarchs and nobles in the Community Discord

Should I invest my life savings in jewelled crabs?

  • Neither Tributary Games nor Team17 are registered financial advisors. The value of jewelled crabs may go down as well as up. That being said, go for it! Crabs are the ONLY investment strategy recommended by 9/10 Patricians.
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