Limbus Company – Mirror Dungeon Event Guide

A guide on the optimal choices to choose within the Mirror Dungeon. This guide will assume you have formed a proper team comp for the dungeon so that you will be able to clear any and all Sin Affinity checks for events.

Guide to Mirror Dungeon Events


This guide documents Mirror Dungeon events and how best to proceed with them for an optimal outcome.

Good Events

I’ll only be listing the “correct” outcomes outcomes (good or nothing happens).

  • Pet the fox.
  • Positive EGO reward (Sunshower).
  • Bandage it.
  • All allies heal 10 HP. Those with Lust affinity heal 10+ HP more.
  • Write Hello.
  • Positive EGO gift (Pinpoint logic).
  • Tell it you took a tour.
  • Sinner power-up event.
  • Forward: ??
  • Backward: ??
  • Take your leave (Nothing happens).
  • Point the direction.
  • Positive EGO reward (Blue Zippo Lighter).
  • Read.
  • Take party SP damage Sin-power up event.

Or pick the worse option

  • Snuff candle out
  • Positive EGO gift (Fiery Down)
  • -1 Skill Down for whole party (Entire Run)
  • Press Lightning button.
  • Positive EGO reward (Standard Duty Battery) <—Very good gift
  • Press Donut Button
  • All allies gain +1 Speed (Entire Dungeon)
  • Cut the Cables
  • Positive EGO reward (Dreaming Electric Sheep)
  • Feed water.
  • Party takes 10 HP damage.
  • Positive EGO reward (Old Commemorative Coin)
  • Stick around
  • Positive EGO reward
  • Look away.
  • Walk into the mist.
  • Positive EGO gift reward (Ashes to Ashes)
  • Nod
  • Combat encounter
  • Positive EGO gift reward (Coffee and Cranes)
  • Shake head
  • Nothing happens
  • Donate blood
  • All allies heal 12 HP. Wrath allies heal 15 HP more.
  • Water tree
  • Snap branch
  • Random ally without Gloom affinity takes 10 SP damage
  • Positive EGO gift (Thunderbranch)
  • Just don’t approach it.

Or if you want to suffer

  • Approach
  • Whole party gets -2 Speed for entire dungeon
  • Take a rest
  • Positive EGO gift (Eclipse of Scarlet Moths)
  • All allies heal 8 HP
  • Allies with Lust affinity heal 8 SP
  • Open the coffin
  • Positive EGO gift (Wound of Clerid)

Spider thorns event:

  • Pick the flower

The Bad Events

You’re straight up are doomed if you encounter this event. There is no way to avoid getting this “gift”.

Both options will force the gift on you.

Do not “wave” – this will just give the gift but also make you have to fight a battle.

This gift is horrible and you do not want it. It will make enemies unstagger on your turn while usually inflicting 6-14 bleed which is not worth stagger removal as you can easily make up for that damage.

  • Reach out
  • Allies without Wrath affinity take 16 HP damage
  • Allies without Wrath affinity receive 5 Burn every start of combat
  • Positive EGO gift (Helterfly’s Dream)
  • Leave
  • Nothing happens

This event is bad because you either get a bad gift while receiving massive drawbacks, or you just leave and this ends up being an empty tile instead of gaining levels or getting better events.

Ending Notes

Battery and Old Coin are REALLY good gifts. Same applies to any gifts which restore HP.



  1. I wouldn’t put the flower as bad but just inconvenient if you happen to not have bleed focus. The no stagger is mainly an issue on boss abnormality for the most.

    If you get your hand on Wound Clerid and/or Little and To-be-naughty Plushie you’ll just wreck everything as the bleed will skyrocket , the flower is meant to be paired with a bleed/status comp.

  2. About water tree event. You can water tree for 4-5 times and it gives you gift without dealing SP damage

  3. For the Forward: ??, identities without pride affinity take 25 damage. You get an EGO gift (Lowest Star):
    “After dealing Blunt damage, deal 5 SP damage to the target. If the skill’s affinity was Pride, deal an additional 3 SP damage.”

  4. Chanting statue event

    Listen Closer – Unknown
    Take the Ring
    Lust/Glut check
    Bloody gadget & 10 sp damage to all without Lust Affinity on Success

  5. Rose event: pick the roses (effect unknown) / unravel the brambles (-10 hp to random Wrath affinity Sinner)

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