KoboldKare – All Sex Locations

This guide will show you all of the sex locations in KoboldKare (As of patch 455_2594F0C4).

All Locations for Sex


  1. (MM / MF)
  2. (MM / MF) (A tall kobold for the dom position is recommended)
  3. (MM / MF)
  4. (MMM / MFM)
  5. (MM / MF)
  6. (MM / MF)
  7. (MM / MF)


  1. (MM / MF) (Needs the bathtub upgrade from the shop)


  1. (MM / MF)
  2. (MM / MF)
  3. (MMM / MFM)
  4. (MM / MF)
  5. (MM / MF) (Huge Kobold for Dom position is recommended)
  6. (MM / MF)
  7. (MM / MF)
  8. (MM / MF)

Egg-Laying Station

  1. (MM / MF)


  1. (MM / MF)


  1. (MM / MF) (The trashcan that is nearest to the door)
  2. (MM / MF) (Right where you talk to the owner)


  1. (MM/MF)
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  1. in house there are at least 2 more locations
    – Couch across the bed
    – Red carpet in between the front door and the opening to the bedroom

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