Lakeview Cabin 2 – Map of Episode #3

A map of the connectors and passages for the four twilight zone episodes.

The Map

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Item Transport

There are two Item transport spots marked on the map with an X.

The oven connects the farm to the toxic waste pool. Open the oven door and drop the item you wish to transport in. Certain items are to low to easily drop into the oven. In that case you can use a ladder or jet pack to drop the item from up high. People can be transported as well as items if you have a different character pick them up and then drop them in the oven. Chickens can be transported live if you drop them in one oven and then open the door of the other. Re-opening the same oven door will result in a cooked chicken.

The bird box must first be activated by bringing chicken feed to either location. (I’ve experimented with other food and the chicken feed seems to be the only thing that works.) Once activated these Bats/Ravens will start to swarm around the bird box and will carry off any item dropped in front of them after pressing the use key in front of the box (‘X’ button on steamdeck). The birds will transport items between the roof of the rich guy’s penthouse and the roof of the mad scientist lab.

Secret Passage Ways

There are a ton of secret passages in this level. I’ve labeled them A1-D1 on the map.

A1 connects the farm house kitchen to the toxic forest. As far as I can tell the only way to open it is by activating the light switch on the catwalk above the kitchen. There is a second switch on the catwalk above the outside of the farm that will cause a ladder to fall down connecting the kitchen to the kitchen catwalk.

B1 connects the roof of the penthouse to the penthouse bedroom. If you fall down, even with a jetpack, something will kill you but items and chickens will fall without taking any damage. You can safely jetpack up through the bedroom to the roof without dying.

C1 connects the penthouse bedroom to the mad scientist library. Tighten the loose screw on the floor in the library with a screwdriver. Have power running to the power station either by spinning the wheels on the machine on the roof or by plugging in the mini power station to the left of the penthouse hallway. (you can access the room by cutting the dividers with the katana). Then go for a run on the treadmill and be yeeted through the wall and in to the library. WARNING-this will cause your character to take damage.

D1 connects the toxic pool to the outside of the farm house. Take the bonsai tree from the penthouse and toss it in to the toxic pool. The tree will grow into a ladder giving you access to a hidden door that leads to the catwalk above the farm. There is no way to open the door from the farm side.

Unlabeled on the map, there is a connecting hallway between the car and the penthouse balcony. after you fix the flat you can drive straight through the barrier and crash into the balcony, killing the blonde lady standing there. Alternately you can chop through the barrier with the katana or ax.

There maybe other secret passages I’ve yet to discover. If you know any I missed please tell me in the comments.

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