Lakeview Cabin 2 – Twilight Zone Strategy Guide (Chapter 3)

Please note: all credit goes to Edmund!

This is a small list of things to boost your odds of survival in the third chapter, aka the Twilight Zone chapter, of Lakeview Cabin 2.

Guide to Chapter 3 Strategies


Welcome! This guide is here to help you with defeating the enemies you encounter in the third chapter of Lakeview Cabin 2. It is my no means an exhaustive guide, but I made this guide for anyone stumped as to how to kill any of the monsters in the level and are looking for help in figuring out what to do. For that purpose, SPOILER WARNING for the events of chapter three beyone this point!

Act I: Life on the Farm

For this segment, first drop the chicken feed you start with and go inside the house. Enter the upstairs bedroom where your grandma is asleep. There is a key that you need to progress but you won’t be able to get unless she’s out of the picture.

Instead, go up to her bedside and take the scrubbing brush on the floor back to the kitchen. Use the brush on the sink until you no longer get suds coming out. Drop the brush and interact with the sink, which will reward you with a meat cleaver. Take the meat cleaver back upstairs, kill grandma, and take the cleaver with you back outside.

Drop the cleaver on the right-hand side of the barn door. Go back to the bedroom, grab the key, and use it on the barn door.

Inside will be a cage, a pallet of wood, and a rope supporting the pallet. Interacting with the rope drops the pallet onto the cage, causing significant damage to the giant chicken. Wait outside with the meat cleaver for the giant chicken to emerge, and hit it three times from behind with the cleaver to kill it.

It’s important to note that while it’s possible to activate the giant chicken by killing the four chickens in the yard, the chicken starts at full health and is immune to most attacks, so this method is the only one that doesn’t involve pieces from outside the ‘set’)

Act II: Shaggy Dog Story

This chapter is deceptively the easiest and hardest level in the chapter, because it’s relatively simple to kill the ‘monster’ immediately if you have the cleaver from the farm set handy, but also the monster is easily the most unforgiving of the four once it gets mutated.

Essentially, from the moment you start the level, you’re going to want to sprint from your car to the closest hole in the wire fence, and then head down the middle path next to the totem pole.

This will lead you to the nuclear waste, and a car jack you need to change your tire, but for now you’ll want to quickly hop in and out of the bush until its leaves are gone.

You might be tempted to think it’s only use is as a hiding spot, but it also hides an old oven that functions like the LSD mechanism from CABIN 6, the Aliens homage in the first Lakeview Cabin Collection.

Essentially, opening the door of the oven lets you transport any item from that location to the other one – in this case, the kitchen on the farm that was empty before.

Open the oven door, then make a dash for the bone before your dog can get into it and make themselves sick, and drop the bone into the oven. With no bone, your dog doesn’t turn into a monster in the first place – hooray! Except now the only way to complete the level is by killing your clearly not-a-threat dog – boo!

Act III: High-Rising Tension

This level has a ton of gadgets and tools at your disposal, but like a lot of these levels, you only need two or three of the provisions to survive.

Specifically, you’ll need the telephone on the balcony and the water (or cologne?) bottle next to the bonsai tree in the living room.

It’s important for the prep work of this next part to not interact with the fax machine until you’re ready, because the monster isn’t activated until you interact with both the phone and the fax.

Bring the phone outside your apartment somewhere close enough where you can spray it with the water bottle. Once you’re ready, hit the fax machine where it’ll print out a segmented cube (or maybe a kite?) and then go back out the front door.

There’s a giant present about to burst open – shoot the water at the phone before the robot drives over it. This will cause the phone to explode and deal massive damage to the robot, so be sure to get back inside before the explosion happens while still holding the water bottle.

Once the robot enters, the damage will have caused its wiring to be exposed, so spritz it with water once and then run away. If you fixed the car and drove it away in the toxic waste set, the damage to the balcony will let you clear more distance before the robot explodes.

After that, the monster is finished.

Act IV: It’s…Alive?

For this level, I recommend starting with the matter replicator (the device sitting on the table on the left) and replicating a flashlight.

Take the flashlight to the room with the statue, turn it on, and interact with the cloth to the left of the statue.

You now have a jetpack! Put it on and head back into the laboratory. Zoom up to the top of the bookcase and retrieve the helmet from the top. You could do this with the ladder in the statue walkway, but this way works just as well.

Wear the helmet, go through the walkway and enter the storm outside. The helmet is the only way to prevent you getting killed by bolts of lightning, so be sure to keep it on.

Hit the switch on the middle of the mechanism and begin rotating the wheel on either side.

The method I use is to hammer the X key on one side until the battery registers as halfway done, and then hop over to the other wheel. Once all four circles on the device read green, head back into the lab. Activate all six devices on either side of the brain tank in any order, but be sure you’re on the left of the tank before the process completes.

The tank bursts, releasing a killer brain surrounded by a iridescent red jelly. The only thing you need to do now is cautiously make sure it heads upstairs into the storm, as the monster is killed by water.

Once it’s outside, you basically win by default.

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  1. So basically you have missed the whole point of the game. There is soooo much more to it. Try keeping the monsters alive next time and explore some more. Look for the red sword, the secret locked door, secret pasageways and i still have no idea what to do with the hybrid radioactive egg but i’m sure it has a use.

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