Legacy of Sin the Father Sacrifice – 100% Full Achievement Guide

A simple guide for unlocking every achievement in Legacy of Sin the father sacrifice.

How to Obtain All Achievements


Pyrrhic victory

  • Finish the game.

Self explanatory, just beat all 14 levels. Here’s some pointers to help you on your way.

  • Once you unlock Arquebusiers, there’s not much point to use anything else, just line them up at the back and add some Barricades for protection and most waves in the game won’t stand a chance.
  • Other troops can block the shots from Arquebusiers, so keep that in mind if you choose to have any others on the field besides them.
  • While costly, if you have the spare gold you can stack multiple Arquebusiers on one tile, letting you kill Elite Orcs in one shot.


  • Summon 30 Pikeman.


  • Summon 20 Arquebusiers.


  • Build 50 Barricades.


  • Summon 10 Knights.


  • Defeat 100 enemies. (Hidden)

Simple achievements, you’ll likely unlock these naturally while going through the story. If not, it’s just a quick grind.

Thorn wall

  • Win a game with only Pikeman. (Hidden)

Shoot, shoot!

  • Win a game with only Arquebusiers.

Noble men of war!

  • Win a game with only Knights. (Hidden)

Three similar achievements, you’ll likely already have Thorn wall just by playing the early stages.

Shoot, shoot! is also easy, just follow the strategy mentioned at the top of this guide, but without placing Barricades.

Noble men of war! is a similar story, just spam Knights on the level you first unlock them, you’ll win pretty easily.


  • Have 1/3 Pikeman, 1/3 Arquebusiers and 1/3 Knights in your army.

Similar to all other previously mentioned achievements, this is quite easy, but the description is a tad confusing and misleading.

To unlock the achievement, you simply need to place exactly three of every troop onto the field (Image is an example, they can be positioned in any way).

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