Cuphead – Bravo Zulu P-26 Achievement Guide

Forget about Hilda Berg, the junkyard robot is much easier: it stands still, its attacks are slow, and we can easily control its actions.

How to Obtain Bravo Zulu P-26 Achievement

Bravo Zulu P-26 (Robot)

So, the setup:

  1. Boss: Dr.Kahl’s Robot, the junkyard on Isle III.
  2. Difficulty: simple.
  3. Controls: assign Dash to RT instead of Y (it’s much easier to hold RT+X, then Y+X).
  4. Charm: Heart ring (gives +1 HP for your 1st, 3rd, and 6th parry, AND doesn’t weaken your attack, like the extra hearts do).

The whole fight takes up to 3 minutes. It’s a bit long, but pretty simple and unstressful.

I prefer to start shooting at the lower midsection area, “the underbelly”, from where the robot launches tiny planes (and bombs later on). Shoot until the laser starts pointing at you, then leave the area and start shooting at the antenna. From now on it goes: underbelly, antenna, underbelly, antenna. Parry the pink thing flying out of the robot’s chest when needed.

When the underbelly is partly destroyed, shoot: chest – antenna, chest – antenna. Don’t waste your bullets on bombs, just avoid them, and pretty soon they’ll collide annihilating themselves.

When the antenna is done, focus on the chest. There’s going to be a lot of stuff flying on the screen: bombs (2 usually), nuts and bolts, a harmless magnet from time to time. All those things are slow and easy to evade, unlike Hilda’s HA’s and bull rushes.

It took me like 5 tries to get this achievement. Good luck!

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