Lethal Company – Guide to Average Value for Each Moon

This guide will simply show the average daily value of each moon, to help you decide where you want to go, with some added tips.

Average Value for Each Moon

Value Per Scan (Sheet)

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Here I have done a scan on 15 different days, for every single moon, and from it we can see that it is actually better to mostly go for Assurance or March over any of the other free moons, since Experimentation is so low in comparison, Vow has a very high Bracken spawn chance (higher than any other moon!) so unless your fetish is having your neck snapped, don’t go there, and Offense is as dangerous as March but with a similar average value to Assurance.

As expected, Titan has the highest average, and is your go-to choice when your quota starts being too high.


I recommend mostly going for Assurance at first, and either Vow, March or Offense if the weather on Assurance is eclipsed or stormy. If you do go to March or Offense, bring a shovel or stop sign (not the yellow one, too heavy) as thumpers will most likely be spawning in there. If you’re going to Vow, watch behind you often enough since chances are, there will be a bracken sneaking up on you.

Once your quota reaches about 700, you should have enough then to afford going to Titan while already having the teleporter in case someone dies.

It’s the most optimal way of going based off the sheet, but if you’d rather go for a mansion interior then go for Rend or Dine, or if you simply don’t want to deal with the ghost girl as much as on Titan.

Written by PoggerFoxy


  1. titan is the easiest as there is a lot of loot which means you don’t have to collect most loot to reach the quota if you are not late game which you are then you know how to deal with threats, so early game if shirt hits the fan you can leave with most loot uncollected.

  2. I recommend march over any other free moon. Reason being is if you get lost on march there are more fire escapes, so more chances to escape. On assurance there is only 1 fire escape.

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