Lethal Company – Save Manager

A simple guide on how to use my simple save manager!


Download Source

Since this is open source, you can download the project straight from github and compile it yourself.

  • Look for the repository under lawrencea13.
  • To download the source code, switch your branch to “1.0”
  • Hit the green <> Code button.
  • Download with zip, or use your preferred method to clone it.

Download Compiled Application

If you prefer to just download and have things work immediately without extra work, follow these steps.

  • Look for the repository under lawrencea13.
  • Click “Initial Release” on the right under the releases section.
  • Click “LethalCompanySaveManager.zip” It’s the one that says 76kb.
  • Chrome will warn you about the download since it’s not commonly downloaded, if you’re concerned, feel free to do a virus total, review the source code, and even compile it yourself.

Using the App

This is the Easy Part

  • If you downloaded the zip, extract wherever you’d like, it won’t make too much of a mess, but it’s 3 files so you may not want it on your desktop.
  • If you downloaded it from source, your compiled version will be in the bin folder in the project as per usual.
  • Run the app
  • Do whatever you want with your saves, it already knows where the files are, and does not need admin access.
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  1. I’ve been using this to host awesome streams and allow a semi serious playthoughs (I made it to boss rank multiple times and got fed up with the rank reset so now I Play for fun or to test what is different or changed or educating the community

    (that no matter the funding you will still die down here) like how to play or use X equipment

  2. I also noticed when using this with friends that enemy spawn rate seems to inversely related to the amount of days you have until your quota. I set it to 30 days until quota and we never encountered a single monster.

  3. PlanetIds:
    0 – Experimentation
    1 – Assurance
    2 – Vow
    3 – Company Building
    4 – March
    5 – Rend
    6 – Dine
    7 – Offense
    8 – Titan

    Also through testing, the PlanetSeed fails to work with the current release version of the save editor. I tried using a funny number: 666. Upon landing, the seed changed to a random number each time. 🙁

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