Let’s School – Beginners Tips

Here you can find few useful tips for newbies.

Tips for New Players

  • If your room is getting the !Exclamation point error! despite being more than big enough to meet requirements, your room might be TOO big. I found this out with the cafeteria. Apparently there is such a thing as too much space!
  • Building pieces are ALWAYS 2×2, or 4 squares per single building piece.
  • That means you should watch your placement when it comes to things like bushes and stairs. Some objects [like bushes] take up a half-space. So only 2 blocks out of the 4 that make up a single building piece.
  • A classroom that’s too large and has too many students can’t use smaller, special classrooms [like the humanities classroom] usually due to insufficient seating for the WHOLE class. A class of 16 students must be able to use a humanities classroom with 16 seats. Ect. ect.
  • You only need to meet the minimum size requirements for a room.
  • Ex: management office can be any size between the minimum 9 squares and the maximum 60 squares. I personally prefer to keep the management office at 9 squares, due to the small amount of required items for the room.

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