Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Wet Floor Bot Locations (Ruin DLC)

This guide will help you to find all wet floor bots in Ruin DLC.

Locations of Wet Floor Bots

Chapter 1

Monty Golf

  • In the corner of the girls bathrooms
  • In the area you first encounter entity, back left
  • Below the vent in Gator Grub
  • Beside security door in Gator Grub

Chapter 2


  • To the left after going through the screen
  • After second generator
  • Behind forklift in gift shop

Daycare Theater

  • Left of screen behind scissor platform
  • Upstairs in backstage room

Chapter 3


  • Below stairs to gondola control
  • In secret bucket portal to stage shrine room

After catwalks

  • Heading left into lower area
  • Bake station kitchen:
  • Bottom floor kitchen

Chapter 4

Bake station

  • Bake station bathroom
  • Bake Station back hallways through red doors, head straight instead of left after hack

Server room

  • Behind waterfall next to giant music notes


  • On the stage thing

Outside Salon

  • Beside stairs
  • By giant scissors
  • Boys bathroom outside

Raceway after log ride

  • Red door after talking about getting better signal
  • Straight ahead after broken wood door
  • Back office after roxy grab encounter

Chapter 7

Bonnie Bowl

  • Far right side by fizzy faz and golden bonnie
  • Far left when entering arcade
  • By bonnie bowl sign near entrance fizzyfaz
  • Rightmost bowling lane (appears after you hit 26/27).
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