Level Zero: Extraction – Gameplay Tips for Aliens

Useful Tips for Aliens

The longer alien explanation is more of a:

  • Know the map, knowing the routes will help you devise a plan of attack and move around where mercs could retreat.
  • Prioritize the location of the extraction point. This will help in the end as mercs are pretty much guided there through the intercom, having a nice set up around there will be very helpful.
  • Eggs are good distractions, but nice surprises as well. Try to lay your eggs in places that mercs will walk by, points of interest, light switches or more hidden eggs near doors or corners.
  • If a merc traps themselves in a room, use the poison cloud, not only does it deal damage, it makes the merc panic as they can’t see you, still be aware their light will go through.
  • Invisibility is great for reconnaissance, study what they seem to have and how many they are. Are they planning on baiting you with a flashlight so you emp and then they turn on the lights? Always be ahead.
  • Know the shortcuts, while this is also about knowing the map, knowing the right vents can be pretty helpful while tracking down mercs that are using elevators that move them around different areas.
  • Spit flare but don’t go in instantly, mercs have more than a flare and they can find more. You aren’t a powerful beast, you are a hunter and you’re playing the long game, Exhaust their resources and while at it, poke away their health with spits or clouds of poison.
  • Retreat out of danger asap. Aliens are very, very fragile when it comes to light. If you are ever blinded by a flash light, do your best to get away from there, mercs WILL chase you down.
  • Work together, if possible you should work together with the other alien, you alone are pretty meek, but with a capable companion you are a force to be reckon with, communicate and hunt.
  • Electricity is your ally, you can see electric hotspots with the alien vision and if you stand on or under them, you get boosted energy regen!

Playstyle / Strategy

Playstyle: Luring

The aliens have a lot of difficulty to trap and kill squad or good solo mercs, that why they need to use all their ressources by trapping them or luring them into an egg to make them use a glowstick or a flare, because if they pull out one flash and activate it then you can emp.

Luring merc is really difficulty as they will see it the longer you are following them, as good mercs know the map they will even know where you try to lure them, it’s what we want as aliens, we want to make them know what we are doing so we can trap them in another place because they will a the opposite of your lure, normal, in this case you need to place a lot of eggs, they are very strong, can disable a merc for 1 or 2 sec and deal about 25 dmg which make them easier to kill as you need to put 3 melee hit and not 4, meaning they will have less time to react and save their friends.

Something really important as you know the map, is luring them into a big vent location, because you will be able to hit them from every direction and even with setup they will use a lot of ressources for nothing.

This type of playstyle is greatly destroyed by ice pick extraction so make you sure to lure them away from it. If they are agressive towards you, then it’s even better because they will follow you into your palace. Remember, this playstyle need a lot of patience, don’t be greedy because if you die, it mean your plan will be greatly impact.

Playstyle: Aggressive

Well it’s on the name, it’s about being as much aggressive as you can without dying, it’s really hard. You need to hit and run likely all the time, even play aggressive when a glow-stick is pulled out because you can tank it some times.

This play style is really about taking damage from 100 to 10 without dying and putting a lot of damage to them, forcing them to heal or use flare or ammo. You don’t even need to be patient, at least if they don’t have any big flashlight, in this case, go farm for the emp and make a massacre.

Notice that the emp will only work if the device is on, if it’s off, watch out. As you know your map, it’s just better to take them from every direction possible with the vents, vents are underestimate. Remember, this play style is really hard to master and will be even harder against good mercs.

Misc. Tips

  • If an alien scream at you, it will make you heavier meaning you can’t extract if you are almost full. That can be a counterplay to fast extract player (ice pick).
  • When you throw a gas into someone, if you press Alt for the vision, you will see through the gas. It will make thing easier as you don’t see through normally!
  • The spit can turn off flares, everyone know about that. It can do 10 damage and poke, everyone know about that. But it can be use in another way. When you spit at a merc it will turn off a flashlight for 1 sec or 0.5 sec, meaning after an emp you can do it to maybe put another hit. And just after 3 hit, your 4th hit will do 35 damage because of the spit damage plus the melee damage. It can really surprise!

The Map + Loot Locations

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I hope you found this helpful!

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