Treasure of Nadia – Fishing Tips

Here you can find some useful tips for fishing.

Tips to Fishing

Main advice: Keep on throwing the right bait in, repeat. When you throw the wrong bait the fish will move away from it, the right bait will attract the fish

  • Seaperch – Pretty much any lure you throw out, but I use Heavy Natural Plug
  • RockFish – Heavy Green Squid
  • Tuna – Heavy Green Squid
  • Hammerhead – Heavy Natural Plug
  • Marlin – Heavy Green Squid
  • Great White – Heavy Natural Plug / Heavy Pink Plug

The actual act of fishing is a set time that you cannot control.

When you throw the lure in, if you are too close to the fish, it scares them and they swim away.

Try and time it so they are a reasonable distance away so they don’t get scared and will swim near the lure quicker.

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