Treasure of Nadia – Extras Guide (Final)

All 60 Extras and Where to Find Them

In this guide, you will find all 60 of the extras in Treasure of Nadia and where to find them.

Most pinups are provided through playing the story. Only those with specific unlocking requirements will be shown/listed below.

All nude profile options (except Evie) can be bought at Squalmart. You must have the original profile, 6 hearts and alternate outfit purchased.

All extras tied to Evie (outside of her nude profile) are acquired through completing the Ancient Temple puzzles.


All these pinups are collected by playing the story. Find them in your [Extras Album].

  • Dr. Jessica Amor
  • Mother Superior
  • Diana & The Jade Talisman
  • Sofia Leaving the Library
  • Clare Hunting for Treasure
  • Naomi on the Beach
  • Emily Took By Surprise
  • Pricia’s Massage Oil Flyer
  • Tasa’s Rage
  • Alia and Naomi
  • Tipsy Janet
  • Kaley on the Beach
  • Naomi’s Selfie
  • Janet in the Hot Tub
  • Pricia & Naomi
  • Jessica’s Glazed Ass
  • Emily’s Cute Butt
  • Tasha’s Pussy
  • Alia’s Pussy
  • Diana the Explorer
  • Janet in White
  • Naughty Emily

Bonus Content Pinups

These pinups can only be found once the story is completed. Their requirements/locations are listed below:

Nadia’s Treasure – you must open the pirate chest found here. 

Pricia & Jessica – Find one of 4 locker keys to open this locker.

Jessica in College – Find one of 4 locker keys to open this locker.

Mother & Daughter – Craft a bedroom key: this is the bedroom on the 2nd floor.

Tasha in the Jungle – Craft a bedroom key: this is the bedroom on the 1st floor.

Diana on Your Bed – Use Naomi’s bikini top to move the statue: pinup behind.

Madalyn’s Pussy – Head under the church and find the pinup here.

Succubus Madalyn – You must have collected EVERYTHING else in the game. 


Search in these spots for the glowing orange sparkle (similar to treasures).













Evie Extras

Evie’s Ass: Have 20 Ancient Temple Puzzles completed: first chest.

Topless Soul Crystal Hints: Have 30 Ancient Temple Puzzles completed and unlock from spending $200,000 to the man outside of Squalmart.

Evie on the Shrine: Have 30 Ancient Temple Puzzles completed: second chest.

Evie Spots a Storm: Have 40 Ancient Temple Puzzles completed: third chest.

Evie’s Profile: Enter through the Ancient Temple’s warp pad after all puzzles are completed. 

Evie’s Nude Profile: Visit Limbo once you have collected her profile by completing all temple puzzles to find her nude option.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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