Liberte – How a Co-op Works

This short guide explains how a co-op works in the Liberte game.

Co-op Guide

The game has 4 player co-op, local, online or any mix of the two.

The host gets to decide when the game starts and players are teleported into a mission.

However, during a mission, every major decision (like which faction to side with) is decided via a Vote system. A random roll is made if no clear winner is selected.

Plus, when you play online co-op and run into a Story area, each client sees its own version of that space, based on where in story the player is currently. So there are no conflicts and no spoilers in online co-op.

The game has a shared screen co-op – meaning players on the same machine can’t go too far from each other. And yes, all 4 local players can play using a controller.

Devs are designed the in-game card menus so everyone can be managing and playing new cards at the same time.

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