Life is Strange Remastered – All Optional Photographs (Episode #1)

This are all the locations +things youll have to do to get the achievements / trophies.

Episode #1: Chrysalis

  1. Wait for the class to finish and head to desk on the center of the room in the front. “Rachel amber ♡ 4ever” will be carved on it and youll have the option to take a picture of it
  2. Fast foward when you go outside the shool,you should be able to take the second picture in front of the statue in the water fountain
  3. After taking a photo of the statue you turn around and go to the group of skaters. You talk to Justin but no matter what answer you choose youll always be called a poser and end the convo there.So youl have to rewind and use the new info you gathered from the previous convo in ordedr to convice him youre not a poser. Now, in order to get the convo youll have to choose the “Tre Flip” option and wait for the skater to fall and take a photo
  4. Before you enter the dorms, cross the yard and you should see a tree with a squirrel next to it (if you cant find it keep in mind its near Kate !!)
  5. When you enter the dorms and head to our room there hould be a mirror on the right side of the entry of the room, there you take a photo of yourself
  6. When you go in victorias room to gather proof that shes guilty and dana is innocent next to the wall there should be a small collage of photos,you are given the option to mess the pictures and after you do that you can take a photo
  7. When you get out of the dorms you see Allysa get hit with a ball. Rewind and warn Allysa in order for her to move. Because of that, the ball ends up breaking the window and right there is your photo !!
  8. When youre at the car park before talking to Warren go to the RV on the right side.Youll have the option to draw on the window and after you do so you can take a photo
  9. In order to get the 9nth photo when youre at Chloes house before going downstairs to get the tools to fix your camera go into Joyces room.Youll see a bird hitting the window and dying.Rewind and open the window so the bird survives then continue with the episode.When youre at the light house with Chloe turn around and go to the start of the path,youll see a large rock with the bird from before standing on it, take a photoooooo !
  10. After you take the 9nth photo head up at the bench and before sitting down go behind chloe and take a photo of her
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