Limbus Company – How to Farm King Trash Crab

Tips to Farm King Trash Crab

Main Tips

King trash crab weak to yellow / light blue / blue / purple / piercing attack.

  1. Aim The Shell with Piercing attack, skill 2 W don, skill 1 / 3 R Heatcliff, skill 3 Spice Bush yi sang, Boat Mael skill 2 / 3, skill 2 N faust, skill 2 ting tang hong lu.
  2. When the shell staggered, aim the shell again with, W don skill 2 or 3 / chef ryoshu skill 3. skill 1 / 3 R Heatcliff, skill 3 Spice Bush yi sang, Boat Mael skill 2 / 3, skill 2 N faust, skill 2 Ting Tang hong lu.
  3. King crab dies, and all tiny crabs also dies automatically.

Other Tips

  1. Stage 1 and 2 focus to kill cannoneer crab first.
  2. You can ignore ” guard mode crab ” and ” Friendly Fire crab ” and focus attack cannoneer crab & king trash crab.
  3. Stage 3 like i said in number 2 because they sometimes in guard mode and eat each other, you can ignore them and focus attack the ” Shell ” for 1 or 2 turn kill trash crab.

Very rare moment all the tiny trash crab in guard mode in turn 1 and 2 ID can just clash king trash crab head parts then the rest ” R heatcliff / W don / Bush Yi sang / Boat Mael / kurokumo ryoshu / chef ryoshu / Ting Tang Hong lu, “Bully” the King trash crab shells.

  1. AOE Piercing E.G.O make farming more faster.
  2. If you worry R. Heatcliff run out ammo ? just don’t make him attack in stage 1 & 2 just spam evade to preserve ammo. or attack once then spam evade in 2 stage. stage 3 let your R . Heatcliff Rampage to bully King Trash Crab.
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