Like a Dragon: Ishin! – How to Farm Golden Sneak (Fast and Easy)

Easy way to find and grind the Golden Sneak masked guys that rarely walk around the town in one simple method.

Guide to Farm Golden Sneak

How to find them easily:

  1. Be sure to be in a chapter that allows you to change to night time.
  2. Optional but get max drunk in game, better chances I’ve heard.
  3. Then travel yourself to Rakugai (Kamo River) palaquin.
  4. Look at the right into the bridge and see if you spot one at the very distance.
  5. If not, talk to the palaquin and quit text, and look again until you see one.
  6. Fight him and repeat.
  7. If nothing is spawning on the bridge, most likely clear the 3man gang on the left or travel somewhere and return.

Chances are about he spawns 1 out of 5 of the times so it’s a very big deal finding one every 30 or so seconds.

Here’s a photo of the location:

Now do what you want with this information, whatever to defeat him 20 times for Diligences or Seal farming.

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  1. It’s possible to totally reset the area by entering the gambling den since talking to the palanquin is not always enough, ever tried that?

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