Ling: A Road Alone – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Hints


  • This game has controller support.
  • Basic movement is with the left analog.
  • Punch, Attack and Dodge are performed with X, Y and B though they are also duplicated with other buttons on basic controllers.


  • Basic combat is as you would expect.
  • Enemies approach you and attack.
  • You approach enemies and attack.
  • But the element of the game is to “intercept” an enemies attack as he attempts it.
  • You do this with the punch.
  • This puts the enemies in a “stunned” state but more importantly it powers up your attack.
  • Obviously you use the Dash to evade attacks as well as position yourself in battle.

Hints & Tips

This game uses an interesting mixture of risk and reward and opportunity.

  • First… opportunity.
  • “Intercepting” an enemy attack not only puts IT into a stunned state.
  • But also other enemies withing its proximity.
  • Furthermore the powering up of your attacks can also be taken advantage of for enemies not so near.
  • You can power up your attack by stunning a slow insignificant enemy. Then dashing away towards a bothersome enemy and use this powered up state to damage it.

Simple…but important knowledge.

Risk & Reward

Often times against bothersome enemies, It may simply be more effective to find alternate means of damaging them besides “intercept” such as encircling or bouncing back projectiles.

It may also be worth taking a bit of damage to finish off said bothersome enemies as it seems some of them can regenerate health.


I’ll only touch on the most “troublesome” bosses.


This Boss can be challenging for many. He starts out fairly tame as all others. But once he enters what I like to call “Rock&Roll” mode. He can be a pain.

Once in this mode, extreme patience on your part will be required.

Avoid his eyeball shower by circling the arena. Taking care not to get entangled in the trees.

If he retreats into the trees don’t follow. Simply allow him to come to you.

Once near you move towards him (I don’t recommend dashing towards him as I’m not sure if there’s cancel frames for the dash with intercept).

His attacks are all spell based. So you’re looking for him to raise his arm to signal a possible intercept.

If your intercept is successful, make sure to land all 3 hits then quickly dash/retreat.

If your intercept fails retreat/dash away.

Once he starts spewing the second type of projectile and bomb.

This is where the “extreme” part of patience comes in.

Avoid his attacks by circling the arena and dashing as needed.

Don’t dash haphazardly. Try to use basic movement to encircle and only use singular dash if possible. the 3 dashes in quick succession are best left for when you find yourself caught in the middle of his attack shower or if you find yourself getting cornered in the arena.

Let him come to you…look for that raised arm and intercept…most of the time you will fail.

But even if you do fail… Swing your sword! By doing this you will bounce back a few of his projectiles and possibly his bomb. This will grant you health. DON’T get greedy!

Swing your sword once maybe twice then dash away and begin calmly avoiding his attack shower.

Keep a cool head and you’ll get that satisfying final swing…

Mirror Image (Final)

This Boss like all starts off simple.

Once he enters “Rock&Roll” mode he will increase his speed. But the real trouble is once you get him to 50% health. At this point he will become as fast as you if not faster.

So fast in fact more often than not he’ll always be behind you (your back to him).

He will also start to intercept your intercept! This is the game trying to test (or break) you out of your comfort zone. At this point a change of tactics and strategy is needed. (No more Intercept). He will keep pace with you if you simply run and dash away from him.

The key is to use methodical dashes away from him. Either single dashes (all while running of course) or dashes that are spaced out by a few milliseconds…then a quick triple dash!

Basically what you’re trying to do is to catch him stuck in the middle of a dash to gain some distance from him. My suggestion is just that a suggestion…gaining distance from him catching him locked in a dash is the key.

If you do manage to gain some distance from him…quickly turn to face him and swing your sword! You’re trying to have your attack catch him stuck in a dash animation.

Once or twice then quickly retreat and let the chase continue. You will take damage if you attempt more than 1 or 2 swings. It’s up to you to decide if this damage is to you is worth the damage to him…

If you find yourself close to death… continue to retreat as you will slowly regen some health…then you can continue the methodical dash….triple dash strategy.

Remember this boss tries to mirror what you are doing.

You can do it!

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