Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander – How to Mine the Rare Resources Near the Sun

Guide to Mine the Rare Resources Near the Sun


If you have large shields and large reactor, with crew specific to recharging the shields, you could probably last indefinitely in the star corona.

A tractor beam ‘could’ pull it, but it will be incredibly slow. It is faster to push it out.

With proper logistics you can pretty easily shield the suns’ damage effects at 50% or even 66% of the way to the center.

It takes a ton of power though. At that point you can TB asteroids out.

It’s slow, but usually worth it, especially if you have factories and need tons of diamonds/tristeel.

Notes about shields

You need overlapping shields. For example, if you have two large shields next to one another, each one will only drain at just over half the rate a single one would, and you can also get twice as many people carrying power to them.

Stacked shields aren’t required as long as you resupply the shields fast enough. After some testing though this design can very nearly sustain shields infinitely at the very tip of the sun’s surface.

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