LISA – Combat Tips

I can drop some tips to make the game easy, yeah.

Tips to Combat

  • Use status effect moves. Brad’s Surprise attack or Headbutts for single enemies, headslides for multiple enemies. You’ll rarely want to be doing anything else with him, as tempting as Oil + Fireball may be. I’d only suggest that if you have crowd control covered on another character(s). Luck affects status effect chance so be sure to keep his high. If you get Withdrawal, sleep somewhere safe immediately.
  • Even with Brad on Crowd Control, you’ll want backup crowd control. You’ll need at least one party member that can cause the Crying, Pissed, Blind, Paralysis, or to a lesser extent Fallen status effects. Crying and Blind will vastly help prevent those oneshot moves probably killing you from killing you. Pissed will prevent Joy Mutants from using permakills, even if they still one hit KO members (it’s still much better) plus they have a chance to hit themselves. Paralysis is just a stun you can hit through but often unreliable. Fallen is very much like Paralysis but won’t ever work on bosses, but great for almost anyone else.
  • When you get the Wrestling Arena, grind juuuust a little bit on the Dystopian setting/third option. No one learns new skills past level 25, and Brad’s in particular is super useful. Shouldn’t take long. Can get the rest of your party to level 25 as well if you want.
  • I don’t recommend Terry, but his Verbal Bash and Hype Up! ‘hints’ are decent. Everything else about him is bad.
  • If you’re still in Area 1, your best party comp is probably gonna be Brad, Nern, Olan, and Mad Dog. None of them are particularly great by the endgame but all early game characters aren’t much different.
  • Rest at safe campfires. The very first campfire in the game east of Brad’s house is always safe but is quite a walk, paid inns are always safe, and the tent immediately west of the Area 1 hub is mostly safe minus a small permanent stat debuff.
  • Grind some mags. The shadow guys in the third tunnel in Area 1 are easy to kill and drop 10 mags each. Gear up with it.

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