State of Decay 2 – Lethal / Nightmare Mode Tips

Tips to Lethal Mode

  • Try to aim for Powerhouse specialize, it trivial Feral.
  • Minimal sprinting, the game tend to cheat with Feral spawn when you least expected.
  • Crossbow.
  • Avoid killing in Plague Heart zones especially Freaks, if you need to kill go stealth, or Standard Bolts their legs.
  • Back Stamina consumables with you.
  • Don’t sprint open door.
  • Equip everyone you don’t control with Automatic guns.
  • Avoid hostile human if you can.
  • If you are in danger run.
  • Do quest only if they are easy or needed, but still run if it goes messy.
  • Get or start with a cook and a chemist – produce stamina items in a kitchen. if you have enough of this you will be fine no matter one.
  • Car is the best weapon against ferals especially packs, the starting car is one of the best, drive car ahead of the ferals and navigate the car where a fence blocks your driver door then slow/stop the car. The ferals will jump on the back of you car so you can easily smash them on any fence.
  • kill 1st hearth asap so it will not spawn feral and you can get a strategic area to loot that will help you a lot, a great loot from the hearth and the quick xp from the 1st cure quest.
  • get a radio tower and activate the disruption it will keep the hearts asleep, it makes the whole new content trivial (so do not do it it if you are experienced and want to have fun)
  • Traits are more important than skills for the starters especially with a cool hero bonus, stack as much as possible plague resistance, like pathologist, never been sick, spend medicine to get buff…
  • If you are new on Lethal start with a full team from previous runs with full experience, it is not a shame to learn first then try the hard mode…
  • Stealth all the times if you can, never shoot a weapon without suppressor, except you are far from car and feral is chasing.
  • Kill hearths with heavy melee, learn dodge horde with the stam items.
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