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First Contact Protocols

Meeting an intelligent lifeform for the first time can be tricky, as official protocols for first contact range widely depending on the situation at hand. It is important to note our primary goal in greeting a new species is always to form a peaceful understanding between our cultures. This is of the utmost importance. We take for granted our own cultural norms as a standard for all regular encounters, but this can be a dangerous assumption for first contact. For example, a friendly smile could instead be interpreted as a threatening show of teeth. Body language cues like eye contact, gesturing, sounds, or even smells should be considered without bias. The truth is we have no way of establishing a set of rules that will apply to every situation since we cannot predict every type of lifeform we might encounter. While trying to establish communication, please remember to use your best judgement and be adaptable to the present situation. When in doubt, please refer to your local Central Processing Unit for guidance and advice.

Space Alliance History Part I

In the 21st century the privatization of the space industry led to groundbreaking technology advancements not seen in the previous 50 years. Humans began taking luxurious vacations into space, until the Earth’s orbit was completely overrun with private satellites and overpriced gimmicky resorts. On a mission to reclaim space exploration beyond simple novelty, a group of like-minded scientists established The Earth & Space Alliance. Its mission was to develop a set of rules and guidelines to work collaboratively as a planet instead of privately. Astrophysicists, researchers, and even private citizens from around the globe began sharing their funding, trade secrets, and technology with each other. All in an effort to further The Earth & Space Alliance’s guiding vision.

Space Alliance History Part II

With support from so many people on earth, The Earth & Space Alliance took their first huge leap with the construction of the T.E.S.A. Space Elevator. A trip from the surface of Earth to the alliance space station could be done easily, and this revolutionized the industry yet again. The original space station became a hub for innovative engineers and designers to quickly test out their theories in space itself. Ships became lighter, self-sustaining, and most importantly, they gained the ability to travel vast distances in short periods of time. As the alliance grew, its members began making first contact with other planetary systems. Many of these civilizations, far superior to our own, offered their technology and friendship to the united people of Earth. The name was shortened to Space Alliance as more and more species joined the cause as well. These advancements have dramatically improved the organization, and Space Alliance’s never-ending desire to explore the stars continues on to this day.

Space Alliance Principles

The basic principles of Space Alliance:

  1. Always try your best.
  2. Remain honest and truthful.
  3. Lead with compassion and empathy.
  4. Keep an open mind to new ideas and principles.
  5. Strive to achieve perfect equality among all living beings.
  6. Explore and expand our understanding of the little-known universe.

Literature / Lore

Jokes: Quick Space Funnies

What is an astrophysicist’s favorite part of their computer? The space bar. What is the funniest book ever written about space? A comet book. Why do aliens never come to Earth? Because its only rated with one star.

Word Filler: Afraidy Captain

There once was a (adjective) _ Captain who was afraid of (noun) _ . She tried everything to get over her fear. She would (verb) _ until she was (color) _ in the face. On a random (day of the week) _ she noticed a very (adjective) _ peddler (verb with ing) _ her magical potions to any potential buyers. The peddler promised the Captain she could cure her fears for (duration) _ and only for (amount) _ credits. What a (adjective) _ deal! The Captain, willing to try anything (adjective) _ agreed and quickly drank the magical potion. After a long night of rest, the Captain woke up in her (adjective) _ quarters the following morning and stumbled to her (room) _ mirror. And there, in the mirror she saw (adjective) _ eyebrows and a big (noun) _ stuck on her head! She (verb) _ and was so mad so forgot all about her fears. So, I guess the potion worked after all. The End.

Poem: If I Met an Alien

If I met an alien, it would… Look like… a frog.Sound like… a dog.Smell like… a bog.Eat like… a hog.Sleep like… a log.and…Walk like… a three-legged Trog. I think if I met an alien its name would be Grog! (I hope to meet my best friend Grog one day.)

Poem: The Stars All Around Me

When I look up at the vastness of space, I can see the stars twinkling all around me. When I am working, playing, or deep in thought, the stars wrap their light all around me. When I get confused and have lost my direction, the stars lead a guiding path all around me. When I lay down to rest every evening, the stars watch for danger all around me. And when I die and turn into star dust, I’ll finally live among the stars all around me.

A Story by Sprout & Kendall: How the Deer Got Its Horns Part I

There once was an old tree with a magical caterpillar who lived inside of it. This caterpillar lived in harmony with the tree and was sworn to protect it with its magic each day. One afternoon a lonely bear came along and saw the tree. He thought, ‘The bark on that tree sure would give me a good back scratch.’ So, he walked up to the tree and started scratching away. The caterpillar popped out, ‘Hey you there, stop that right now and I’ll grant you one wish.’ The bear jumped back. ‘A wish for me?’ said the bear. ‘As long as you promise not to return to this tree.’ said the caterpillar. So, the bear wished for a thick comfortable blanket to make the winter warmer in his cave. POOF! The blanket appeared and the bear as promised went on his way. Much later that evening, a wandering deer ran into the bear and noticed his lovely blanket. ‘Hey you, bear!’ called the deer. ‘Where did you get that blanket?’ (To be continued…)

A Story by Sprout & Kendall: How the Deer Got Its Horns Part II

(Continued…) The bear surprised by the deer said, ‘I was granted a wish from a magical caterpillar who lives in a tree.’ ‘A wish?’ replied the deer. ‘I sure would like to have a wish of my own.’ The bear pointed towards the old tree and said, ‘If you go disturb that tree over there the caterpillar will grant you any wish you choose.’ ‘Thanks!’ said the deer and began to down the path to the old tree. When he arrived he put his head down and rammed into that tree with all of his might. Nothing happened, so the deer took an even bigger step back and rammed straight into the tree again. Little did he know the caterpillar was already fast asleep inside. This magical caterpillar was not a night person, and his magical work for the day was done. Frustrated the deer continued to charge at the tree until two hard lumps started to form on his head. They grew bigger and bigger into a matching pair of horns. Eventually he gave up and wandering into the woods without his wish. But that is how the deer got its horns.

A Story by Rumble & Tumble: The Space Ship

Last night me and my brother woke up and heard something strange in our backyard. We ran to our window and you won’t believe what we saw! A teeny little spaceship about the size of a bowling ball had landed. All around the ship were hundreds of tiny little aliens. We sneaked outside and slowly walked towards the ship. We were thinking of what to say to them when all of a sudden… the aliens started to charge at us! We rushed back inside our house where we thought we were safe. Then… BAM! They knocked the front door right down and chased us all the way back into our bedroom next. We slammed that door closed too. But we heard the tiny footsteps coming again we knew we were in trouble. The bedroom door creaked open and we saw the aliens were still after us! We were not afraid anymore and both said ‘That’s the last straw, this is our house!’ So we charged at the aliens and did a flying cartwheel right over their heads. Both of us ran out of the house and snatched up their spaceship not even stopping to turn around at all. We rolled that bowling ball ship right down the snow bank for a ten pin STRIKE! When we returned to our house the aliens were nowhere in sight. Next a faraway noise was heard, and we saw that little spaceship flying away. The next morning our mother asked us what all the ruckus was, and what happened last night. We said, ‘Oh nothing…’ and just smiled. (Also, this is a true story mostly.)

Helpful Tips

How to Attract a Mate

Even with the many advancements of technology, finding the perfect mate still proves to be a mystery throughout the universe. So here we will offer some basic Space Alliance tips for dating:

  1. Find someone that shares your common interests and goals.
  2. Make time and talk to them regularly.
  3. Show your partner how you feel with the occasional gift or two.
  4. Level up your relationship into a good friendship first.

If you are able to find such a person, remember to not take them for granted. Offering a Date Invitation is a great way to show your romantic interest and get to know the person on a more intimate level. Then consider amending your living quarters to make room for two. Lastly, if marriage is on your mind, don’t forget to purchase a very special Engagement Ring and pop the question!

The Gift of Giving

Who doesn’t love a gift? Picking out that perfect gift is almost as rewarding as receiving one yourself. Every crew member has their own distinct likes and dislikes so get to know your crew to figure out what each might prefer. Some items are just not popular and giving a gift that is too cheap might result in a negative response. Remember, it is the thought that counts so try to give things you would deem worthy of gifting. From time to time your crew may offer you a gift as well if you take the time to speak with them. As your relationships grow, you might also get some exclusive things only your crew can offer you.

Crew Morale

The health of every ship is dependent on the overall morale of its crew. A happy crew is vital to the success of Space Alliance and its missions. Everyone must do their part to get along and the Captain must set a good example for the crew. Morale is built on trust and trust starts with getting to know each other. It’s important to regularly talk to your crew, and give an occasional gift as well. Both actions will help to build relationship points with them over time. Friendship takes time. So even though it may seem gradual, keep getting to know your crew members, and they will help you to be a better Captain and friend in return.

Basic Space Farming

To grow crops aboard your spaceship you will first need to craft a planter on your workbench. Please note that all planters do need power to run properly. Once powered, a planter’s sun lamp will light up brightly and create the perfect growing condition for your young plant. Build a solar panel on your ship’s Outer Hull to increase your ship’s power capacity and power new planters. Once a planter is built and powered, drop any seeds into the machine to get started. All crops must also be watered every day or their growth progress may be delayed. Some plants take longer to grow and some even produce multiple harvests before requiring a replanting. Keep an eye on seed packet descriptions so you can plan accordingly. Good luck and have fun!

Garden Bots

Garden Bots are handy helpful watering robots that take the work out of farming! There are different levels of garden bots, but each one will water a set number of planters every day so you don’t have to. Each garden bot comes preprogrammed with different watering configurations for your convenience, so make sure to press $inputSecondary to make any adjustments before building them on your deck. The smallest garden bot is the easiest to craft on your workbench. Advanced and Superior Garden Bots take a little more effort to craft but have great benefits because they can water even larger surrounding areas. Work smarter, not harder with garden bots! Hint: Your ship’s Botanist will have access to the Garden Bot Data. Make sure to help them out from time to time.

Outer Hull Planting

It may seem strange to plant crops in the vastness of space, but years of agricultural advancement have made it possible. Outer Hull Planters are equipped with the latest technology to utilize all of the radioactive energy in space and allow for the growth of more valuable ‘Radiated’ crops! The dangerous radioactive elements are filtered out, leaving only the best additional nutrients for your plant to absorb. Also notice the colorful impact of a successfully enriched radiated fruit or veggie. Wow! And so tasty too! Outer Hull Planters work the same as indoor planters and you can even plant the same seeds packets. These special planters require carbon nanotubes to craft which can be made by inserting graphite into a Carbon Converter machine. In addition, you will need to craft special Outer Hull Garden Bots to automate your daily watering.

Super Produce

Every once in a while a plant is so well taken care of that it will generate a ‘Super’ produce. Super produce are worth more credits and come with bragging rights among the crew. You can increase your odds of producing a super produce by fertilizing your planters before planting your seeds. Fertilizer can be bought in your ship’s local general store or crafted yourself. Note that fertilizer will need to be replaced after each plant expires. Fertilized plants are just extra happy, so it simply increases your odds of that super result!

Trees and You

Have you ever tried planting a tree seed into a normal planter? We’ve all been there. But a tree simply will not fit into a standard planter. Well, Tree Planters were made specially to grow our oversized friends. Tree seeds take a full quarter to mature but will continue to produce delicious fruits as long as they are taken care of. Make sure not to forget to water your trees, or build garden bots to keep them hydrated. Trees can also be fertilized between harvests if you want to grow a super tree produce.

Advanced Furnaces and Fuel Refiners

Time saver alert! Now with the addition of Advanced Furnaces and Advanced Fuel Refiners you don’t have to wait around to swap out that dark matter or metal ore. These efficient beauties process faster, can store multiple items at a time, and will continuously produce materials one set after another. Just stock them with your preferred items and wait. The machines will do the rest.

Furnaces and Fuel Refiners

Crafting machines to improve your productivity and generate resources for your ship is a necessary part of life out in space. Besides planters, furnaces and fuel refiners are an absolute must. Furnaces process scrap metal, sand, and all kinds of metal ore into useful crafting materials. All furnaces require at least five of an element to begin smelting. Fuel Refiners have one simple job, to produce fuel of course! These super-efficient machines take in 10 dark matter and kick out one refined dark matter fuel ready for use by any standard Space Alliance class space ship. What a helpful duo of machines.

Meteorite Extractors and Medicine Machines

Meteorite Extractors and Medicine Machines both take in basic resources and can produce very valuable items. Meteorite Extractors accept exactly that, meteorites! Often the intense heat of a falling meteor can be the transforming factor to create a gem or valuable stone within. Rarely, the impact of a meteorite can cause an unintended item to actually imbed itself within its core. There are different rarities of meteorites, but in all cases this machine carefully breaks apart the surrounding waste rock to reveal valuable items and resources inside. It’s a simple and exciting process. The Medicine Machine is a recent invention by one of our own Chief Medical Officers stationed in a remote part of space. It was carefully designed to accept minerals and cosmic jelly, then condense their nutrients into valuable medicines and tonics. We all need a tune-up from time to time.

Recycling and Composting

Your assigned Space Alliance ship is designed to be a closed system environment. It is very important for all of us to do our part to recycle and compost unused items whenever possible! Not only is it a great way to run a sustainable ship environment, but it can be beneficial to your productivity. Recyclers can take all that leftover garbage, shells, pet rocks, pollen, microbes, or other unused items and transform them into more useful resources you might need later. It can also deconstruct a metal block back into its original ores. Composters can save you a bundle of credits on your next general store visit by allowing you to create your own fertilizer instead of purchasing it. Convert some of your unused soil samples, cosmic jelly, or sulfur into bundles of fertilizer with your own composter machine. It’s a win-win all around. Microbe Composters are another way of producing fertilizer. Drop any unwanted microbes into this machine and a fertilizer of its type will be produced. Premium, low-grade, mixed and regular fertilizers all have different benefit levels for your crops, so pay attention when deciding what to compost. Keep in mind the microbial transmutation and enrichment process can take some time compared to your ordinary compost machine. Happy composting!” So patience is key when waiting for your prepared fertilizer. Happy composting!

Solar Panels

Solar Panels are a great power source for your ship’s everyday needs. They can convert the endless amounts of solar energy in space into useable power for your machines. Most machines require power and will display a power symbol if there is not enough power available to activate the machine. You can increase your ship’s power supply by building new solar panels on the Outer Hull. Solar panels come in varying sizes with larger panels that can generate more power per square meter.

Storage Bins

Storage Bins are useful to store all of your items and resources when you don’t need them. Keeping open slots in your space pack means you won’t have to choose between resources when you’re exploring new planet surfaces. You can craft as many storage bins as you like and they are equipped for building on both the inside and outer hull areas of a ship for maximum flexibility. So feel free to build them on your deck, outer hull, in your quarters, or even in your Xeno pods. And remember, it helps to be organized when you decide what resources you want to put in each bin.

Machines Parts

Other Machines Part I: Fiber Spinners

Ready to take your crafting to another level? Fiber Spinners are useful machines that can take plant fiber like jute and cotton and turn them into useful fabrics. They can even take fiber materials produced by certain Xeno and convert them into silky and warm fabrics. Fabrics are more valuable to sell in-store than raw fibrous material and are useful for crafting furniture and other decorations you might want around your quarters. Go for it, spruce up your living space in comfort and style!

Other Machines Part II: Food Converters

Space Alliance offers canning pots, dehydrators, and juicers for processing and storing all of those hard-earned crops. All these machines have one thing in common: helping you expand and store your valuable food sources. Canning Pots, Dehydrators, and Juicers accept most fruits and vegetables and turn them into quick sources of energy. Ditch those boring food rations and get creative with your meals!

Other Machines Part III: Specialty Foods

Specialty food producers like freezers and presses convert some crops into specialty items that make great gifts. Freezers only accept milk, fruit juice, and vegetable juice, but deliver on sweet frozen treats. Presses accept most items that can be turned into different oils like soybeans, cactonuts, peanuts, and A.V.O.s. They can also mash apples into a delicious applesauce.

Other Machines Part IV: Carbon Converters and Fermentation

These advanced machines are a game changer for expanding your production line. Carbon Converters accept all types of graphite and convert them into useful carbon nanotubes. Carbon nanotubes are used in building outer hull planters and other machines. This miracle material can be used for anything that requires strength, durability, electrical or thermal conductivity, in a lightweight form. Their discovery opened the door for many of the technical advancements we see today. Fermentation Tanks take in nectars, fruits and rice. It will then covert their sugars into vinegars, wines, and ales. Just kick back and let the fermentation process do all of the work!

Other Machines Part V: Battery Generators

Sourcing energy in space just got a whole lot easier. Battery Generators act like solar panels, but instead of adding that power to your deck grid, it stores its energy into a portable battery. Since battery generators use solar energy, they can create batteries without any additional items. Just build one on your Outer Hull and wait!

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