Little-Known Galaxy – Gameplay Tips + FAQ

Beginners Tips

  • There is no need to rush, nothing is limited by time and there are no deadlines.
  • Bring food with you to planets to fuel yourself incase you run out of energy or get hurt a lot.
  • Best early game food for energy is the Food Rations you can buy at the plaza.
  • Remember to search the ship thoroughly!
  • Blaster is a good option for first upgrade as it will make collecting other resources faster.
  • If you are having trouble finding a crewmember, open the friends menu and click on them, there is a location button that will tell you which floor they are on.
  • Don’t stress leaving a planet, you can go back at any time and are not locked into forward momentum.
  • Collectables from planets like the pet rocks are a good source of early money as they are used in only a couple decorative crafting recipes.
  • Once you get a wardrobe you can change your appearance at any time, and you can get a wardrobe fairly early.
  • If you wanna boost that relationship up, Friendship day is the day to do it.
  • The level of card makes a huge difference, and you can get a lot of relationship value by handing out the best card. slightly more than a full bar!

Energy Tips

Coffee is 35c for 32 energy.
Rations are 100c for 56 energy and 28 life.

If you can “not get hit”, coffee is the best energy per credit you can buy at a whim.

Microben Detector Mini Game Tips

If you walk around the ship use the tool and it will activate a scan. If it comes back red walk to a new spot and scan again. When you see a yellow dot with an arrow follow the arrow until you dectect a microbe. A mini-game will start. It’s a bunch of circles. You want to click or press the primary button when the moving circle is over the light blue ring. Its a timing game so keep playing until you either detect the microbe or it runs away. Some are harder than others so if you don’t catch one, it’s OK, there are some that are easier.

When you scan, it’ll either be:

  • Red: No microbes in scan area
  • Yellow + Arrow: Microbe in that direction
  • Green: Microbe detected

Once a microbe is detected, you will need to click or press the A button on your controller once the pulse is over the activation point. Each time you hit, it’ll progress the scan till you identify.

If you hit it on the money, you get a Perfect and it costs no juice. If you hit close, it’ll use up a little juice, and if you miss entirely, it’ll cost a lot of juice, and you might end up failing.

Rarity / TypeGoodNeutralWildBad
CommonGreen AlgaeSweat BacteriaSoil BacteriaAlien Fungus
Somewhat CommonRed AlgaeSlime MoldRoot BacteriaCommon Cold
Less CommonProbioticsLichenNematodeDust Mite
UncommonNanobotAmoebaWild YeastStrep Bacteria
RarePenicilinSea SparkleWater FleaToxic Bacteria
Very RareTough BacteriaTardigrade

Planetary Resources

Blue ReefAluminum, CopperSeaweedOcean FlowerSeashells
Desert DunesCopper, SilverCactus FruitDesert FlowerTumbleweed
IcelandusSilver, GoldAcornIce FlowerSnowball
Lava LakesGold, TitaniumMushroomLava FlowerPirate Hook

Beginners FAQ

What to sell and what to keep?

Hold on to dirt, ores, and dark matter. You can sell most or all of your pet rocks, just keep in mind that some of them are used for crafting decorations, and of course you can place them on a table top to have a friend around. Hold on to any artifacts or gems.

Sell some crops but keep some for energy while exploring. Pet rocks are good money sources!

How long does it take to update the tools?

Usually 2-3 days. You can upgrade more than one thing at a time too!

How to make food rations?

You buy them from Chip in the canteen on the Plaza deck.

How to find hidden pet?

Did you notice any strange marks on the floor anywhere on your spaceship? Follow the marks, it doesn’t seem like it’s anything but a wall, but its actually a walkway.

How long is the game?

If you blast through main missions we’ve had beta testers finishing around the 40-50 hour mark, but if you’re playing casually for fun it’s more in the 80+ hour range. But everyone plays differently so these are just rough estimates. We suggest taking your time and just play for fun.

Can you date crew members?

Yes! You start with 8 different dateable crew members and a couple more may join in along your journey!

Is there character customization?

Yes again! Many pieces unlock as you play the game, but we wanted a wide arrange of clothing colors, hair styles, hats, and accessories to chose from. You are the captain after all.

Can you raise animals?

Yes… kind of. As Captain, you can choose to hatch and raise special Xeno aliens that each have their own special purpose. You’ll have to find them though.

Can you customize your house decorations?

Absolutely. We have many different customization options and furniture options for you to choose from. Your Captain’s Quarters and entire Captain’s Deck can be just the way you like it.

Can I change my appearance after I start?

Of course, but you will first have to craft a wardrobe. After you build and place a wardrobe you can change your appearance anytime you like. New customization pieces can be purchased or will unlock throughout the game as well.

Can I increase my max energy / health?

Half yes, half no. You will be able to increase your everyday energy limit as you progress through the game. Health does not increase but something we are considering for a future update.

Does the game continue after the main story?

Yes, you can play onward for as long as you like. The fun never ends.

Save File Location

Where are my save files located on my PC?

Below you will find the location of your save files. Be careful moving or editing your save files locally if you have Steam Cloud saving enabled.

PC Paths:

C:\Users\USER\AppData\LocalLow\Carbon And Kay\Little-Known Galaxy\Saves\SAVEFILE

Mac Paths:

USER\Library\ApplicationSupport\Carbon And Kay\Little-Known Galaxy\Saves\SAVEFILE

Steam Deck Paths:

Home.steam\steam\steamapps\compatdata\2521600\pfx\drive_c\users\steamuser\AppData\LocalLow\CarbonAndKay\Little-Known Galaxy\Saves\SAVEFILE

Why does the save file not update when I update my Captain’s name?

The save file name is determined at save creation so whatever you initially name your Captain will be reflected in your save file. We do not update this when updating the Captain’s name in-game for clarity and to avoid introducing unnecessary bugs. If you really want your file name to be updated, you can clone your save file and this creation of a new save file will reflect the name change.

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