Little Witch in the Woods – Official Launch Day FAQ

Launch Day Frequently Asked Questions

We’re very sorry for any inconvenience or annoying issue in game experience because of the many imperfections at the current stage. We are fixing some of the problems that you have reported right now. Before that, we will share with you some of the current common problems and our development progress.

About Ellie’s slow pace

  • We’ve received a lot of feedback on Ellie’s slow movement. Therefore, in the update patch, we have slightly increased Ellie’s movement speed (including walking speed and broom riding speed).

About save problems

  • As shown in the picture below, you can save and load files in the drawer at the entrance of the witch’s house. Data will not be automatically saved via sleeping, so please pay attention to Ellie’s daily routine and save your game progress in time.

About the problem of missing items caused by full inventory

  • When the inventory is full, the important items obtained at this time will be automatically transferred to the box in the witch’s basement. At this time, as shown in the red box in the above picture, a special icon will be displayed on the pop-up window, signaling the item is transferred. Lack of important items will cause the story to fail to proceed, so please pay attention to the pop-up prompt above. When you accidentally miss and cannot find important items, please remember to check the basement of the witch’s house.

About the keybinds customization

  • We also received a lot of feedback on keybinds issues. We fully understand players’ needs for keybinds customization, but at present, the development and implementation of this function is somewhat difficult, and we may need more time to ensure the implementation of it. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will do our best to optimize the keybinds customization.

About game crashes on macOS

  • The game may crash and freeze on some Mac devices, making the game unplayable. It is currently speculated that it is due to a problem with the Intel graphics card. For Mac players who do not use Intel graphics cards but still have such problems, please join the Discord group to give us feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience caused, and we will do our best to fix the issue.

About the Moon Flower Water bug

  • Currently, in the process of fixing the bug in version, a bug occured that causes the “Moon Flower Water” to fail to load properly. We are currently investigating the cause and fixing the bug, so please give us a moment.

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  1. I am having an issue on XB1 X Game Pass version where the only 2 quests I have are 1) Find the Prickly Vine Core *Follow the prickly vines on the ground & 2) Concoct the Moon’s…Blah Blah Potion *Drink the Enhance Intellect Potion and read the note. Problem: Just wondering why, so far, no opportunities are showing up under Training Activity in Diane’s dialogue for me to earn Lunar money? Do I need to progress further in the story before those quests appear?

  2. Playing on Xbox one X the elevator into the basement bugs out 50 – 60% of the time coming back up making the game impossible to play.

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