Lords and Villeins – Food Management Tips

Here you can find few tips for food management.

Tips for Food Management

For food I normally try to have enough reserves and if they start to go down I just set more farms, you can always sell food to traders if your storage is full so the more the better. For your demesne, you need to get food so you might need to increase your socage percentage or use stewardy. If you have a lot of people in your demesne, you probably need more farmers, but apart from the brute force method of having more farms, some tips:

I don’t use the exact maths, so I normally go with 30 tiles for family member and if I need it, I take a farming family of any size that appears, just give them a farm of the adequate size. A death end family of 3 can produce a respectable amount of food before they die.

Fishing families occupy little space and if you just use rods they just made food without consuming nothing. You can use nets when you made enough yarn for it to produce extra fish.

Don’t worry about grain in the beginning, carrots and corn to maximize production. You might add potatoes so you are producing two kinds of food, but you can cover that with fish. When you are producing enough food then you can go the grain way, you might need a little oat patch to cover your straw needs, but I don’t know, never use straw, I normally build everything out of wood. A farming family can have several farms, so you can customize different patches with different growing priorities.

Monitor your fertility, 25% soil left to regenerate is overkill, you can lower it if you see that there are enough fertile tiles that are not being used. I am not sure how it works, but I think that if you do it gradually you can actually reduce it to 0.

About the stock of food you should keep, is not a matter of a value, you need to have enough for all your demesne, so if you have more people you have to rise your stock and be careful with winter. You can also change how much meals you want to have cooked manually. If you set a number high enough you can check if your cooks are able to maintain it or if you need more cooks, as long as you have food.

You can plant fruit trees for every family, but if it is to much of a chore (it is to me) just plant a big orchard for the ones that normally have free time, like leather workers or whichever family is running the inn. I also use to have a second royal forest for my foraging families to plant only blueberry bushes, it doesn’t do a lot, but it can give a push.

There are horses and sheep coming to your town now and then, you can tame all of them and give them to a butcher to have some free meat. A butcher family would try to do fancy and expensive stuff apart from that, but this bit is free, just give them whatever you tame and when they run out of money just give them meals so they don’t starve. Not a game changer this one again, but it helps.

The clergy cellar produces a good amount of grapes, so even if you are not going to make wine it is worth to set the grapes production early.

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