Lords and Villeins – Ultimate Guide to Carpenters and Architects

A quick guide for FAQ and advice on carpenters and architects.

Carpenters and Architects Guide


Hi I’m writing this guide to address a lot of the recent posts and questions pertaining to the recently added Carpenter/Architect professions.

Carpenters & Architects

The Carpenters and Architect are the two newly added professions to the game that work differently than all other professions to date. They work off of an “order” system. This means you will need to first purchase a contract with them before work will be done. So well go step-by-step of this process.

Step 1

Get a Builder Family

  • This may or may not be as easy as it sounds, but they have added a starting King’s Favor or 125 points to ease the starting family RNG.
  • I would also recommend for a fresh start map to no longer build your fisher family home and work zone and instead give them the inn immediately. A bar with a kitchen and some beds is all you need to start the trickle of visitors into the village. Remember Inns have a maximum of 2 cooks as well as 1 person manning the bar. This means you should build 2 Kitchen Tables and 2 Cauldrons so they can both work at the same time, 1 well is enough for 3 cooks to consistently use to get water so only 1 is required.

Step 2

Give them something to build

  • You can see what each items needs to be built in the tooltip for each item. In this example a wooden bed needs Carpenters 2 wood and 6 planks.
  • When you place the bed it will be a light blue color. When you select it the tooltip at the bottom right will tell you the required things to get it built. As well it will tell you no order has been placed.
  • The ordering family will send someone to the carpenters storefront to place an order to build. This i found interesting, they will use storefront in the market place if that is the only place available to them but will not accept orders until they are given a carpenter zone.
  • The family must also have gold on hand for the build. Think of this as an appraisal for the work.

Step 3

Them Building

  • When the order is placed it will turn darker blue and the tooltip will update to reflect which carpenter family owns the contract.
  • The carpenter family then checks if the ordering family has the materials on hand. Families may have the materials in their storage but are using them for other things or they may be taxed in the case of foragers on stewardry. The only resources that are considered on hand are materials the family is actively trying to sell. You can check this in the families warehouse page or in the villager page/market presence showing what they are selling.
  • If the family does not have the materials for the order, the Carpenter family will purchase the good and return them to their own storage. Once placed in their storage they will gather them and move to the bed.
  • Its also important to note that the carpenter family does not recieve payment for the job until all work for said family is complete. So if large work orders are placed (usually this is clergy) they will not recieve payment for their work until it is all complete but will incur the costs of materials.
  • If the family that has a building has no gold you will recieve a warning of not enough money for construction. In this case you need to grant the family more gold. In the above example of large work order for the clergy if the complete job costs 19g99s and the clergy has 20g, you will not get the family is low on gold notification. The 19g99s will also be reserved for payment and they will not be able to use it to buy anything so you may run into starving families with gold and have no idea why they arent buying food.
  • Carpenters/Architects also do not work on a numerical order basis. They will complete orders that are closest to their own zone first and working their way outward in a circular radius fashion. This means if you have large projects being placed thru out the map they may go broke because they are only paid once all construction for one family is completed.
  • There is also currently a bug that if a carpenter/architect encounters a order that has a material that is not currently being provided by you or another family in the town, they will stop all construction and wait til that material comes available. When it does they will continue building, if they stop building but have dark blue orders, you might have to cancel orders for items that require items they can not obtain except from caravans for them to complete the other work first then replace the item.

Repair Kits

Carpenters make “Repair Kits” and Architects make “Advanced Repair Kits”

  • These are only crafted once all other work orders for them are complete.
  • They will then sell these to your other villagers so that they can repair walls/furniture/fences. Items that require maintenance and that were built by the respective builder will need a kit from that builder.
  • They will repair 1 broken item per repair kit.
  • If you’re builders cannot keep up with demand, this behind clothes will be your main gold sponge out of your village by the caravans.
  • From what I’ve seen a decayed wall has no downside other than appearance atm. It may effect beauty but its so minor you wont notice.
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